Best Hubby Medal

My hubby gets the medal for Best Husband.

He has a four-day weekend, so on Friday he took our daughter to school (30 minutes one way, an hour round-trip), and picked her up (two hours total). Last Monday was basically my last day of work because I am now very sick with nausea and vomiting. The high school principal in Missouri that I had subbed for a few times called me to offer me a position.

I was very flattered that he thought of me, but I told him I moved to Georgia. (It’s definitely nice when principals reach out to you themselves to offer an availability; I’ve always wondered what kind of teacher I am.) I’ve been basically spending all day in bed sleeping.

My hubby has been changing the bags in my puke bucket every time I throw up… and he tried to make some white-boy version of congee for me. ♡ I love him so much, he is the best husband and father to us; and the greatest provider for our family. He works so hard, and I’m so grateful that we are able to still be comfortable in an one-income household, especially in today’s economy. (I definitely know what it’s like having to work while pregnant, and worry about finances, as I’ve experienced that anxiety before; so it’s definitely nice being taken care of.)

I kind of felt bad that I threw up dinner though, because it cost a lot — I wouldn’t have felt as bad if we had ordered from McDonald’s! (I actually had McDonald’s the other day, and surprisingly, I was able to hold down the fish filet sandwich really good.) I was very happy when he came home with it, because I had never told him what to get (especially since people that knows me, knows I usually don’t eat that stuff); but he knows me so well because that’s actually the only thing I’ll eat from McDonald’s.

We are so blessed to have him. ♡


Family Guy

I love this photo of us.

Every woman wants a man to feel safe with; my guy is the best protector and provider for our little family, and we love him so much for it.

We are so proud of him for so many reasons: Bronze Star Medal for Afghanistan, LRS, Ranger School, Air Assault School, Airborne School (2 jumps away from qualifying for Jump Master…); getting his MBA, his EIB on the first try… the list is endless. He does so much for his country, the Army, his career — but especially for me. ♡

I never felt I needed a man to support me, as I’ve always pride myself on my independence; but do feel sometimes I need a protector, and I love having a man that I feel so safe and protected with. I seriously get so anxious when he’s away from home because I need a man in the house! (And because he fixes everything, gets all the stuff on the top shelves… and those annoying jars that just won’t open.)

I am so thankful to God for such a great man for a husband and father. ♡ — and because I know any children we have won’t end up being short, ha!