St. Valentine

It’s St. Valentine’s day… and Ash Wednesday! (What a day to be a Catholic — Easter this year is also on April Fool’s Day).

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! ♡

It is wonderful being a woman when you’re with a great guy ♡… and my hubby got a 6-day weekend courtesy of the US Army at Benning, ha!


St. Valentine

Today I got a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses for Valentine. ♡

Catholics believe in saints. You pray to a saint when you need something. Valentine’s Day is actually a Catholic holiday that has become another western commercial holiday — that’s capitalism for you.

Not much is known about St. Valentine. The feast day of St. Valentine is February 14th. St. Valentine of Rome was said to have secretly married soldiers in the Roman Army, whom were forbidden by Emperor Claudius to marry — he believed the men made better soldiers when they didn’t have wives. A very romantic legend, but a legend nonetheless, as there is no historical context that this is actually true… it has the same mystical intrigue as Lady Godiva.

If you’re Catholic, this is the saint you pray to if you’re wanting to marry a soldier. Light a candle during his feast day, and hopefully he’ll deliver you a man in camouflage and all! Happy Valentine’s Day. ♡


I love them, they look so beautiful in my bedroom! ♡♡♡

My Valentine flowers ♡

The balloon was from my “Valentine” at Walmart (see previous post), and the rest from others — the one that I love the most is from my friend, it’s a mini tea rose plant in a ladybug shaped pot — I love ladybugs, and it shows what a good friend she is to remember something like that.

Today was actually a snow day, so it’s a long weekend, but kind of sucks because I wish I had a special guy to spend the day with.  I think it’s weird that I get all of these “admirers”, yet I’m still single! … Maybe I’m just too picky.


My Valentine roses.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♡♡♡

20140214_124833Today a complete stranger came up to me at Walmart, his name is Trevor Wayne, from Johnston, IA — he gave me a Valentine! As a favor, he asked if I would take a picture with him because he accepted a “mission” to give a random stranger a Valentine. Such a cool and AWESOME concept, I LOVE it!!! For those of you with Twitter accounts, follow @mission_friday — and here’s your photo Trevor, thanks again, you made my day! #mission_friday