[Read It Again] Cyber-Stalking

Flashback-Friday! — re-read (or read for the first time) one of my articles on Unwritten that I wrote a few months ago…

Ladies, let this lunatic be the warning sign for you NOT to get on the crazy train; and fellas, look for signs if your woman is acting like this nut, to find someone you’re not ashamed of to take to your company Christmas party!

We Have Enough Crazy Exes, Don’t Be The Crazy Girlfriend

It’s Not Me, It’s YOU

Looking back, I felt sorry for her. She felt threatened by me. She wanted me to know of her existence because she felt insecure about me.

In a new relationship and you’re over the moon about the guy? — well, please don’t be like this lunatic my ex ended up with — read my Unwritten article to find out how I realized she was stalking me on social media:

Don’t Be My Ex’s Crazy New Girlfriend