St. Valentine

It’s St. Valentine’s day… and Ash Wednesday! (What a day to be a Catholic — Easter this year is also on April Fool’s Day).

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! ♡

It is wonderful being a woman when you’re with a great guy ♡… and my hubby got a 6-day weekend courtesy of the US Army at Benning, ha!


Happy Mother’s Day ♡

Happy Mother’s Day to me! ♡

Pictured is my annual Mother’s Day bouquet. No filter by the way, my bouquet really is this lovely; some of the flowers are still budding, but will open in a few days… I just noticed the flower-pick looks like the Twitter bird, ha!

And a huge congratulations to my SIL for earning her second master degree; she now has a master in nursing (besides from her first master in theology). We are all so proud of her. ♡

Happy Anniversary to Me ♡

*Update: Just wanted to share my anniversary flowers with my readers — it’s been two weeks since I’ve received them, and they are still alive! They still smell fragrant and look beautiful — I’ve received lots of flowers before, but these are definitely the longest lasting ones I’ve ever gotten! ♡

It’s been TWO WEEKS and they still look absolutely beautiful (they’re my anniversary flowers from the last week of March). ♡

In my maddening day yesterday (consisting of me fighting with WordPress over $26 — and typing in CAPLOCKS… I don’t even want to get into it…) — I had a happy moment in my gloomy day. My anniversary was a few days ago, and my flowers came in the afternoon. ♡

When I got them out of the box yesterday afternoon (it’s almost 2AM right now)… excuse my messy table!

My favorite — a sunflower mixed bouquet. (I was hoping for sunflowers as my wedding flowers, but since my mom-in-law is buying the flowers, we are going with traditional red roses) — I could tell her that she would save a lot of money on sunflowers instead of roses… but she’d probably say something like yellow doesn’t match any of my wedding colors.

They are on my bookcase now (I’m lying in bed, typing this on my Samsung Note with one finger), and the bouquet smells lovely. When I wake up in the morning, the sunflowers will have opened up more, and they will look beautiful. (I will update with a picture!) My daughter calls me the “sunflower queen”, ha!

I love sunflowers, but a lot of people are disappointed by them as cut flowers. I always see bad reviews for them — and I can only conclude that most women aren’t used to getting flowers from a commerical florist, or the only flowers they’ve ever gotten are from the buckets at the local supermarket by the checkout aisles. I, the so-named “sunflower queen”, need to defend my namesake.

The flowers in the dirty water buckets at Walmart and grocery stores die the next day and have no scent. Fresh cut flowers smells lovely, they are very fragrant. Commercial florists and suppliers ship cut flowers while they are still budding, that way the customers gets the maximum time out of the blooms.

I get so irritated when I see someone write a bad review about my favorite flowers, because they usually complain that they’ve received “wilted” or “dying” flowers — I supposed if you never grew flowers or aren’t used to getting flowers from an actual florist, they might look like that, especially with sunflowers… but I grow them every summer, and florists cut them when the petals are still closed around the head, because once they open they usually die in about a week, so you definitely don’t want sunflowers given to you that are already fully bloomed, because that means it’ll probably be dead by the morning!

I knew my guy was the one when he sent me sunflowers last MarchValentine’s Day had passed, and I had gotten a lot of flowers, but no one had ever gotten my favorite (including him, who got me this ridiculously humongous bouquet of red roses, the first time any guy ever had flowers shipped to me instead of delivered, ha!) — later he told me he saw a picture of my sunflowers on my blog, so he took a shot. He’s the only guy to get it right (and to think, all those men could have saved hundreds of dollars if they had gotten sunflowers instead of roses).

Even though my flowers arrived after our anniversary, I’m actually happy they came when they did because the day was kind of in the toilet. Thanks for my beautiful bouquet, hubby! ♡

(I also finally finished our birdcage cardholder for our wedding — I am quite crafty, if I do say so myself… and I do say so!) — red roses and sunflowers, ha!

Happy anniversary to me. ♡


Happy Friendsgiving!!! ♡♡♡




Today I realized that dreams do come true. Everything from personal to professional accomplishments, I’ve did it. I’m so proud of myself. But also that sometimes fairy tales can happen too. I can’t believe the amazing guy that I’m with, how freakin’ lucky am I? To all the girls out there, wait for him, don’t settle. I’ve settle so many times in my life with guys, never being truly happy because I was always waiting for someone better, or to treat me better. I hit the jackpot! ♡

I am so grateful to my mister, who spoils me rotten and does everything he can to make me happy. I love him so much and I can’t wait for him to come home finally!

Goodbye July …

General Lee is developing a nice red color on its traps. I’ve been putting my VFT pets outside in direct sunlight to help with that. One of its traps is starting to reopen, you can see the remnants of a squashed bug in it. (I spent about $70 just to buy these small, little plants!)


One of my jalapeños has turned red today! I will leave some on the stems so that more can turn red too. I think it makes it more colorful during cooking. And I’ve been harvesting my pickling cucumbers every few days.



Speaking of which, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! — I have all these dinnerware stuff that I never use, and I figured, why not? Who says you can’t have a nice dinner at home on a regular day, anyway?

That's my lucky bamboo plant that I've had since 2013... look how big it's gotten! Makes a beautiful centerpiece too.

T-bone steak with mushroom sauce, spinach, and fresh cucumbers and cilantro grown from my own garden!!!

T-bone steak with mushrooms, spinach, and fresh cucumbers and cilantro grown from my own garden!!!

I got a large portfolio Smash Book from the mister, it’s exactly the same as my other huge one I got in 2013. I decided to make a recipe book… I forgot what I had put in my mushroom sauce! (The mister loves my sauce, I made it for him the last time I was in Killeen.) I’ve mostly decorated the pages, but I’ve written some recipes down too. I’ve put a lot of my “special recipes” in pockets and mini envelopes inside the book. I told the mister I’ll bake for the very first time before he leaves (he’s deploying in about two weeks!).

I wish my mom had a recipe book, I would have loved it. Well, I guess when I’m dead, the kids can fight over who gets to have my recipe book, ha!

Yesterday I was on my front porch checking out my flower borders, and I saw a bee (or wasp?) trying to pollinate my decorative sunflower — it thought the sunflower was real! Too cute!

My real sunflowers are now over 8 feet tall, I just about broke my neck the other day climbing on top of the ledge of my patio sill to try to get a picture of the flower (one has blossomed completely, and two more are starting to open up). When they die, I will harvest the seeds and toast them in the oven — I LOVE sunflower seeds!

The mister got me a one year membership to the YMCA. I force myself to sporadically use the gym because he paid $531, and I feel guilty about it. Unbelievable. (I’d rather he had bought me jewelry instead!)