[Book Review] Puppy Training

Today I received a book to review: Puppy Training: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crate Training, Potty Training, Obedience Training, and Behavior Training — by Julia Chandler.

It’s a good instruction book that is best suited for a first-time dog owner. It has beautiful photos of various dogs which helps the book a lot visually. It’s an easy read with some great tips. The paragraphs are broken up very neatly instead of being long and compact. There’s some really good info in the book like poisonous plants, the kind of collar to choose, click training, etc. I highly recommend for someone who is getting a puppy for the first time.

Thanks to Ms. Chandler for the opportunity to review her book, and the best of luck for her success with it.


Say Hello to Joe …

Today I got my Venus Fly Trap in the mail. It was delivered this morning by my postman. The packaging was very secured and my plant was surprisingly alive and not damaged at all. Shipping was fast too. I ordered this on Monday morning (basically), and got it today (Thursday morning). I named my new pet, Joe. ♡

I fed him two ants from my flower garden, check out the video! (One of the traps had already sealed itself shut with the first ant.)