Identity Theft from Afghanistan to NY

The mister called. I’m not sure if it was because he missed me or if he thought he might get injured or killed today… they took IDF hits today. About 3 rockets coming from somewhere in the mountains, landing about a couple of hundred meters from their building. I won’t hear from him for 10-20 days while they’re doing whatever it is they’re doing over there — advising the Afghan army??? I mean, the coalition forces are gone, and anyone over there now is only on as “advisors”, right?

I couldn’t log on to Hulu. The subscription was put on hold… apparently someone stole his credit card information and bought over $500 worth of stuff at a Home Depot in NY. He got an alert from his credit card company about the charges, and called his credit card company on his phone to find out what was going on — I hate to think what that call cost! I’m thinking that this probably happened when he was buying his Afghan rug for a few hundred bucks! Don’t be fooled… just because they walk around with goats and live in tents doesn’t mean they’re not digitally savvy — how else do you explain all them IEDs that they rig up by pressing a button on their cell phone!?

He said that the thief tried out the card at a vending machine for $1 to see if it worked before going crazy at Home Depot… definitely a man, I mean, what woman would spend that kind of money at a store like that??? Besides, Home Depot is probably the place to shop if you’re wanting to build a home-made bomb with money that you stole out of a deployed officer’s credit card — without ever even having to go through their wallet!

It’s crazy. Before you used to have to worry about walking down a dark alley with your wallet… now people can rob you without even getting out of bed and in their underwear!


The Sunflower Review …

The mister sent me sunflowers a few days ago.


My bouquet two days after delivery. I’ve also changed the water too (cut sunflowers soaks up LOTS of water, so change the water every few days to prolong the blooms on your bouquet).

Say Hello to Joe …

Today I got my Venus Fly Trap in the mail. It was delivered this morning by my postman. The packaging was very secured and my plant was surprisingly alive and not damaged at all. Shipping was fast too. I ordered this on Monday morning (basically), and got it today (Thursday morning). I named my new pet, Joe. ♡

I fed him two ants from my flower garden, check out the video! (One of the traps had already sealed itself shut with the first ant.)

The Bracelet

So I wrote very briefly about the bracelet in a previous post.

For my birthday, I told my guy I wanted a bracelet. I figured, why not? He’s a guy. He wouldn’t know what to get me anyway. Sweet guy that he is, he got me the bracelet I wanted… only, it was very flimsy looking compared to the picture online. So I returned it. (Well, I had him return it, actually.)

While we were at the mall, the first store you see as you’re entering is Helzberg Diamonds. He says, Do you want to find a bracelet in there? (I love him so much, he spoils me!) I got a bracelet there, but I felt bad though because I felt it was way too overpriced, and it wasn’t something that I could wear every day either… I also found a similar bracelet online for like $115 (the one at Helzberg was like $350).

I made the poor guy return that bracelet too. Only, he said he didn’t want to because then the salesperson would think he was making me return it because he was being cheap — so I said fine, let’s go to another mall (there was one in the opposite direction, about twenty minutes away). I felt kind of stupid having to lie to the salesperson when I returned it, I mean, can’t you just return something if you don’t want it anymore? (This is why I prefer online shopping!)

When we got back to the hotel, my very awesome guy ordered the new bracelet that I wanted online. That bracelet came in about a week… I wore it for about two weeks and decided I didn’t like it after all. It’s a nice bracelet, but it’s not something that you can wear everyday. I wanted something more simple. So I returned that bracelet too.

So… a month after my birthday, this is the final bracelet that I settled on. I love it. (It’s an infinity bracelet.) ♡