[Recipes]Stuffed Bell Peppers

It was my first time making it — my mom makes a Chinese version; she uses bitter melons cut lengthwise, and it’s filled with grounded fish instead… you know, I think Chinese people are so smart because of all that omega-3 fatty acids they eat so much of.

Funny, when I was younger, I was always so ashamed that in our fridge we had only boiled water, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and a live fish that was just gutted by the fish mongers — while my friends had Hamburger Helper for dinner. It’s so crazy how ignorant I was to my own culture and the commericalism of this country; all because the TV always made it seem as if making food that came in packets or out of a box was better; meanwhile my mother cooked with fresh ingredients for every meal. — But I digress!

Recipe below, people!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Cut the tops off the peppers. Remove and discard the stems, chop up the tops.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet. Add ground beef, season with salt and pepper. Add onions, garlic, and the chopped pepper tops and continue cooking.

I had a zucchini, like, just one zucchini in the fridge; so I chopped that up and threw it into the skillet too. I browsed my fridge to see what other stuff I had in there that I needed to use before it went bad — I chopped up thyme, scallions, cilantro, green olives with pimento, and roasted red peppers — it all went into the pan.

Fill the peppers with the cooked rice (I had leftover rice from the previous dinner), and top each with a sprinkle of shredded cheese (I had a bag left over from when I made chili). Butter on the bottom of the baking dish, drizzle the peppers with a little olive oil. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes. Uncover and bake for another 20 minutes.



Happy Friendsgiving!!! ♡♡♡




Today I realized that dreams do come true. Everything from personal to professional accomplishments, I’ve did it. I’m so proud of myself. But also that sometimes fairy tales can happen too. I can’t believe the amazing guy that I’m with, how freakin’ lucky am I? To all the girls out there, wait for him, don’t settle. I’ve settle so many times in my life with guys, never being truly happy because I was always waiting for someone better, or to treat me better. I hit the jackpot! ♡

I am so grateful to my mister, who spoils me rotten and does everything he can to make me happy. I love him so much and I can’t wait for him to come home finally!

Goodbye July …

General Lee is developing a nice red color on its traps. I’ve been putting my VFT pets outside in direct sunlight to help with that. One of its traps is starting to reopen, you can see the remnants of a squashed bug in it. (I spent about $70 just to buy these small, little plants!)


One of my jalapeños has turned red today! I will leave some on the stems so that more can turn red too. I think it makes it more colorful during cooking. And I’ve been harvesting my pickling cucumbers every few days.



Speaking of which, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! — I have all these dinnerware stuff that I never use, and I figured, why not? Who says you can’t have a nice dinner at home on a regular day, anyway?

That's my lucky bamboo plant that I've had since 2013... look how big it's gotten! Makes a beautiful centerpiece too.

T-bone steak with mushroom sauce, spinach, and fresh cucumbers and cilantro grown from my own garden!!!

T-bone steak with mushrooms, spinach, and fresh cucumbers and cilantro grown from my own garden!!!

I got a large portfolio Smash Book from the mister, it’s exactly the same as my other huge one I got in 2013. I decided to make a recipe book… I forgot what I had put in my mushroom sauce! (The mister loves my sauce, I made it for him the last time I was in Killeen.) I’ve mostly decorated the pages, but I’ve written some recipes down too. I’ve put a lot of my “special recipes” in pockets and mini envelopes inside the book. I told the mister I’ll bake for the very first time before he leaves (he’s deploying in about two weeks!).

I wish my mom had a recipe book, I would have loved it. Well, I guess when I’m dead, the kids can fight over who gets to have my recipe book, ha!

Yesterday I was on my front porch checking out my flower borders, and I saw a bee (or wasp?) trying to pollinate my decorative sunflower — it thought the sunflower was real! Too cute!

My real sunflowers are now over 8 feet tall, I just about broke my neck the other day climbing on top of the ledge of my patio sill to try to get a picture of the flower (one has blossomed completely, and two more are starting to open up). When they die, I will harvest the seeds and toast them in the oven — I LOVE sunflower seeds!

The mister got me a one year membership to the YMCA. I force myself to sporadically use the gym because he paid $531, and I feel guilty about it. Unbelievable. (I’d rather he had bought me jewelry instead!)