Father’s Day

Being in the military is definitely a dedication. My husband was in the field my last week of pregnancy. He got to come home “early” when I went into labor and he got 10 days of paternity leave — although there’s some up-in-the-air possible 21 days of paternity leave in the military that no one seems to be aware of or implemented yet.

He was home for about a week before he had to leave for another 2.5 weeks out in the field again. So he’s hardly gotten to spend any time with our new baby at all.

It’s especially hard, and sad, that he won’t get to spend our son’s first Father’s Day with him — thus is the life of an infantry officer, they’re basically guaranteed to deploy, so they are constantly training for deployment; which means they are never around. It definitely takes its toll on the family dynamic.

Happy Father’s Day to my hubby. He is the best provider for our family. I know that everything he does is for us. ♡



I read a HuffPost article about a woman in the UK who shared her story of losing her daughter at 38 weeks in the womb. So far along in your pregnancy, a lost of a fetus at that stage is a stillbirth and no longer considered a miscarriage, because the baby will have to be medically delivered either by c-section or induction.

Having a stillbirth has to be the most devastating. Most miscarriages happens in the first few months of pregnancy, in the first trimester, and usually because of some chromosomal defects where the embryo just wasn’t viable for survival. It’s why most women had traditionally waited until the 3-month mark (or after the first trimester) to announce their pregnancy.

A stillbirth is when the baby would have been medically able to survive birth, but for whatever reason died in-vitro; the woman in the article said she found out after she noticed she hadn’t felt her baby moving in a few days, and when she went to the hospital, the doctor confirmed there was no longer a heartbeat.

I can imagine the immense guilt she must have felt. After all, at 38 weeks the baby could have been delivered, and she probably played it over and over in her head why didn’t she go to the doctor the first day she noticed the baby’s movements had decreased — it’s especially hard when you’re so far along too, I mean, some women naturally go into labor at 38 weeks!

Most women don’t even think about the separation of stillbirths and miscarriages, instead thinking that the two different medical terms are exchangeable… but they’re not. I think that’s why the article effected me so much. Even at 34 weeks, a whole month earlier, she could have saved her baby. She would have been in the NICU, but she would have been born… and that’s the hardest part, thinking of all the “what if-s”, and what you should have/could have done.

I think mostly, when the end is so near, you don’t even think about something so morbid and negative as your baby dying inside of you. Instead, you’re inching towards home-plate; you’ve got your hospital bag packed, you’re seeing the doctor every week (or every two weeks) — how can something happen when you’re getting checked by the doctor every week in the last month, right? Yet, it does happen, and sometimes it’s very sudden.

Grieving is one of the hardest emotional moments to overcome. I was very sad when I read her story. It made me miss my husband so much since he’s out in the field and won’t be back until I either go into labor or the day before my scheduled c-section… but sometimes when I feel like this, I just need him around to hold me.

Pretty in Pink ♡

This week, I am an aunt to a third niece. The latest little girl was born at the beginning of the week to our family, to my sweet SIL and her husband. ♡

April is a busy month; my other SIL’s birthday is next week, my son’s birthday is in the first week of April, my nephew’s birthday is the last week of April, and now our newest niece’s birthday is in the middle of April… (I guess June is the month of lovers, ha!)

Posing with her first rose bouquet from Uncle Dan and Aunt Lisa (every little girl should grow up to expect flowers as a woman… I know I definitely expected it from every guy I’ve dated!). ♡

Honeymoon Baby ♡

Our honeymoon baby will be here soon! (The anticipation is unbearable.) He will be born within our one year wedding anniversary (a “honeymoon baby”). ♡

The baby’s nursery is finally complete! Thank you to all our family and friends for our baby’s gifts, from diaper rash cream to nursery furniture, and everything in between.

My husband painted that painting! ♡

We appreciate everyone for taking the time to come celebrate with us at our baby shower; especially those that traveled from afar, and those that sent gifts from afar too… but most importantly, a huge thank you to my in-laws (the Dr. and Mrs.) for spending the time and money to give us our lovely baby shower and baby’s gifts. We appreciate them so much for everything that they’ve done for us. They are the best parents, grandparents, and in-laws anyone can ever ask for. ♡

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I am so undeserving, but so grateful for such a wonderful husband. I don’t deserve him. ♡

We are officially moved into our new home in Kentucky. We are close to family now, which is so important with a baby on the way. Our new home has a front porch, fenced-in backyard, patio area, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, tons of closets throughout, a laundry room, a garage, etc. Downstairs is wooden floors, upstairs is all carpet except for the bathrooms… and the bathroom in our room has a window (which I really wanted because I don’t care what candle you have burning, or what flowery scented thing is plugged in — nothing beats having an opened window in a bathroom!).

In the last two weeks, I’ve spent about $2,000 on online shopping. (My poor hubby is going to have such a massive headache!) Mind you, I am usually not a big spender, and I bought things for the house. We bought our daughter whole new bedroom furniture (including a new bed that’s just absolutely dreamy!) — and the rest of the stuff was for the baby or home décor… I kind of went crazy on the décor though (seriously, I have 3 huge floor-mats and two long floor runners… and I kind of went crazy on hand-towels).

I bought a bunch of other stuff too… like valances and curtains (they had a sunflower design and I just couldn’t help myself), and a bunch of bird décor. (My hubby says I’ve gone bird crazy.) The thing is, this is the biggest (and nicest) home I’ve ever lived in, and there’s just so much space that I feel like I need to fill up the empty areas.

My husband really is amazing. He hasn’t made me returned anything, even though we are an one-income family… and even though a lot of the stuff I bought are a waste of money — like the Easter/spring stuff that I got at Wal-Mart because it was the day after Easter so everything was 50% off! Or another area rug when we really didn’t need a second one… I love him so much, he is my real Prince Charming. ♡


I hate December.

The only good thing about December is that it’s the last month before a new year.

My poor hubby — his aunt passed this Christmas from an aneurysm, and now five days later, today, his grandpa passed. Although it was kind of surprising with his aunt (and an awful day for it to happen), his grandpa’s health was failing. He died from a heart attack.

My heart is especially feeling heavy for my in-laws, as the whole family is very close. And my parent-in-laws are actually in California at the moment, since they flew in the next day because of my hubby’s aunt — and now to fly back home to Cincinnati to deal with the death of another relative… what a miserable holiday.

Grandpa lived a very long life. (90 years old — the man was drafted in WWII, that’s how old he was!) He was married for 62 years. We are very sad that the patriarch of the family didn’t live to see his first great-grandson; since his whole side of the family has given him great-granddaughters instead. He will be greatly missed. ♡

I hate Decembers.

Family Guy

I love this photo of us.

Every woman wants a man to feel safe with; my guy is the best protector and provider for our little family, and we love him so much for it.

We are so proud of him for so many reasons: Bronze Star Medal for Afghanistan, LRS, Ranger School, Air Assault School, Airborne School (2 jumps away from qualifying for Jump Master…); getting his MBA, his EIB on the first try… the list is endless. He does so much for his country, the Army, his career — but especially for me. ♡

I never felt I needed a man to support me, as I’ve always pride myself on my independence; but do feel sometimes I need a protector, and I love having a man that I feel so safe and protected with. I seriously get so anxious when he’s away from home because I need a man in the house! (And because he fixes everything, gets all the stuff on the top shelves… and those annoying jars that just won’t open.)

I am so thankful to God for such a great man for a husband and father. ♡ — and because I know any children we have won’t end up being short, ha!