Moby Dicky’s Review

Moby Dicky’s is located in Hendersonville, TN (part of the Nashville metro-area).

It is a really nice, upscale sports bar/grill that specializes in seafood. It’s not a chain restaurant, so that right there is always a plus. The inside isn’t very big, and parking is hard because the lot is small and they appear to always be packed.

There’s an outside dock that is a dining area to expand the seating, with a fire pit and a sectioned off patio lounge area to the left, and a gorgeous view of a lake — very romantic and scenic. Great place for a date! The bathroom (the women’s one anyway) was also very clean as well; and it’s a single, private bathroom (meaning it’s not the typical stall bathrooms that most restaurants have) — that could either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about it.

The food was really good and tasted fresh; I had their clam chowder and a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp. Dinner for me, my husband (he had the grouper), and our daughter (she had chicken fingers), including appetizers, drinks, and tip came out to about $75. There’s a full bar counter with big screen TV’s through, and in the patio lounge area too.

The food was good, and the service wasn’t bad (but could have been better). Our waitress bought out our appetizers without giving us any plates to eat them on. Then she was MIA for quite some time while our drinks needed to be refilled. Still, it wasn’t bad service, just not very attentive — my hubby still gave her a generous tip though, because he’s nice like that (I would have probably gave her $5).

Anyway, I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in the area.


Disney on Ice

We had a family day this evening at the Columbus Civic Center. We saw Disney on Ice. Usually only Ava and I go to these kind of performances, but Danny went with us too since we are leaving soon.

The show is a little over 2 hours long. The tickets could only be purchased through Ticketmaster (so they were pricey with the fees that are attached to the actual price of the tickets; the price for just the seats for three people were actually very affordable and inexpensive, it’s the ridiculous service charge fees per ticket that cost the tickets to almost double in pricing). There was also parking on site for only $5, which I thought was a great price for parking to see any show.

The show itself was cute and entertaining. Ava loved all of the songs and ice skating techniques and special effects; it started off with The Lion King and ended with Frozen (I wish they had the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty performance too); the costumes and props very also very good. I thought the best segment was Frozen, and so did Ava.

The Great Gatsby, at the Springer Opera House

This is one of my favorite classics. I LOVE this book — the character I most relate to is Daisy, even though I’m the most sympathetic to Gatsby.

My mini-me and I went to see a theater performance production of The Great Gatsby at Springer Opera House. It’s a nice theater, but it’s rather small (I actually think it’s maybe a bit smaller than my high school auditorium). The stage didn’t seem very big… but I don’t know, maybe everything just seems smaller when you compare it to NYC.

Not the best photo… we had like 4 minutes before the show started! (The manager of the lobby gift shop gave her a free poster though, lucky girl.) 

I didn’t think the adaptation was that great. It actually reminded me of something rather amateur-ish, like what the drama class would put on as their annual show in high school. It was okay, but definitely wouldn’t have made its way on to Broadway. The props and costumes were also lacking; but it’s a small town production, so I wasn’t expecting too much.

The greatest adaptation of this book, in my opinion, is the Hollywood version with Leonardo DiCaprio. I LOVE that movie… but that was also a big-budget Hollywood film with top star billing of A-list actors.

I think Ava enjoyed Rodgers + Hammerstein Cinderella at the RiverCenter Theater more. (I’m still waiting to take her to an actual Broadway show when we’re home visiting one of these days.)

Rodgers + Hammerstein Cinderella

*This was something that was in my Draft Folder, and I finally got around to finishing it and posting it. This happened at the end of June 2017.

My mini-me and I saw Rodgers + Hammerstein Cinderella at the RiverCenter Theater in Columbus. It was a lovely surprise from my hubby, since I have not taken our move to Georgia very well. (It’s been hard on me, but also on our daughter too.)

The RiverCenter is no Broadway or NYC, that’s for sure (but then again, nowhere other than Broadway in NYC is Broadway!) — but the production was very nice for a small stage. Our tickets were also very affordable compared to Broadway tickets for seats just as good (and we truly had some great seats too for this show).

This was the first time my daughter had went to a theater performance. She was very excited that it was a “special event” because we both dressed up — and in matching outfits too! (We even found a mini hot-pink tote handbag for her to match my wristlet clutch!) ♡

I figured now would be a good time for her first theater show because I love the theater, and even though she’s not a NYC gal like her mommy is, I still want her to be as cultured and have the same worldly experiences that I had access to. Also, she had done a few school Christmas programs already in Iowa, so she has some concept of the theater and performance art.

This was also an excellent choice, because like all American girls, she knows all about the Disney princesses. She had seen the Disney Cinderella plenty of time (we own the DVD to it), and even though this is not the same version, she is familiar with the storyline. I think for something as “grown-up” as the theater, you really do have to make it a special event. Make no mistake, the tickets were not “cheap” even for a small city production like this; my husband still spent over a hundred dollars on the tickets.

I absolutely loved that it was our first “official” mommy-daughter date. I mean, we go out to eat and shopping, party invites, etc. — but we’ve never done something like this before. Ava also got very excited once she saw all the other little girls with their mothers, and a lot of the girls were even dressed up like Cinderella too (the Disney Cinderella though, in her signature blue ball gown, of course).

My hubby is not into the theater, he is a typical guy that likes video games and sports, but we appreciate him so much for always thinking of us to make us happy… I would have loved it if it was a family-date night instead though!

The show was really good. The songs and dances was a bit corny for me, but I mean, this production came out like over fifty years ago, right? Still, the costumes and effects were beautiful, especially Cinderella’s ball gown. However, we didn’t leave until like almost 10PM even though we got there around 6:30-ish (there was still the summer daylight when we arrived), so I think next time we will see a matinée show instead because she is still very young to keep her attention span focused that late at night.

The theater is very nice, with a beautiful water fountain in the front, and a parking garage right across the street. There’s also lots of dining options in the area as well.

Fourth of July

With the crazy politics going on, it’s hard to “let freedom ring” — seems as if we are in some trashy reality TV show… I guess that’s not too far-fetched.

My hubby took our little family on a mini-holiday getaway to St. Augustine, FL for the July 4th holiday, we stayed there for a few days.

It is a historical, Spanish colonial town with lots of touristy stuff to do and see. Mostly, I thought Ava would love it, as she grew up in Iowa — so she’s never been to the ocean before. There’s lots of places to eat, shop, visit… we saw the town’s annual fireworks show, and did a few other touristy stuff. They have a really cool Visitor Center, and there were things there that was discounted (or even free) for active duty military.

I would have probably liked it more if I didn’t have my period — seriously, my period always comes at the worse time… like my wedding week! So I actually spent most of the time in St. Augustine sleeping instead, while my hubby and daughter were out. The heat and humidity was just about unbearable too. If the weather wasn’t so sweltering, and I wasn’t bleeding and miserable, I would probably have wanted to do and see more with them.

Honeymoon ♡

My hubby booked our honeymoon on his own (I feel we could have definitely gotten a better deal if we had shopped around online, but he doesn’t have the patience for that kind of stuff). We spent about $5,000 on our honeymoon, he had booked it through Expedia, I think (I vaguely remember).

We went dining at lots of local restaurants, but also at the beautiful restaurants at our resort. Our resort was gorgeous, with its own private beach; lots of activities on site, dining, even live entertainment on site — there was bocce ball, tennis, basketball, foosball, etc. A beauty spa, gym, fire pits… I even stole their mini shampoos and soap when I left because it smells like heaven, ha!

The only thing was that there was occasional sprinkling of rain, kind of like in Hawaii actually — but one night, I did get caught in a heavy downpour with lightning and thunder though.

We went kayaking (my hubby wanted to go scuba diving or snorkeling, but I don’t know how to swim)… and since I never went kayaking either, I wore a life-vest, and my hubby didn’t paddle very far out from shore. We went fishing right off our pier at the resort’s private beach; we also went deep sea fishing on a charter boat, went on a glass-bottom boat ride to a coral reef, checked out an aquarium… Mostly we dined and stayed in bed (I want a honeymoon baby, ha!). ♡

Nami Japanese Restaurant Review

Nami Japanese restaurant is located on S. Fort Hood Street, in the shopping center area that also has O-mart and Verizon Wireless. There’s parking available in the shopping center lot. I went here for lunch for the first time last November with my friend Greg, and I went here for dinner recently too.

The restaurant has three hibachi tables on the right side of the bar, and regular dinning tables scattered about, but mostly on the left side of the bar. They do have a full bar. The menu is the typical Japanese restaurant menu. I think the menu prices are reasonable for that kind of restaurant. They were busy during dinner service.

The food was good, but mine took a long time to arrive. They didn’t bring our food out at the same time though, so by the time my entrée arrived, the mister already finished with his. Our waitress also forgot my soup and salad that came with my entrée, but by that time I didn’t want to stay at the restaurant any longer and was ready to go, so we didn’t even bother saying anything to her about it.

I do want to say though, the sushi chef personally came over to our table and he gave us some sort of yellowtail fish that was very fancy prepared. This was about 15 minutes after we sat down at our table, I’m not sure if he thought we were on a first date or something. I thought it was very nice and sweet. He probably thought it was our anniversary or something because I had a dress on… but anyone that knows me, knows that I love wearing dresses, especially in the summer. The mister thinks he did that because the chef probably thought I was pretty or whatever.

The dinner service was a bit disappointing, but the restaurant was very busy, and I have eaten there during lunch service before, and it was better when they’re more slowed paced. I didn’t mind too much, except when you’re paying $25 for an entrée you should get everything that it comes with! But, don’t let this one slip-up deter you from going. Mistakes will be made in everything in life. I still highly recommend it.

Carolina Ale House Review

Carolina Ale House is a chain bar/restaurant. This review is for the Killeen, TX location.

They weren’t busy when we went, but there was no hostess at the front, so we waited a few minutes until one showed up.

The menu has a nice selection. (I asked him beforehand if he gets ID at places, and he said no, so I said they’ll ID him because of me — he thought I was joking, but everywhere we went they ID him when he ordered alcohol. Ha!) The thing was, I wanted their Seared Ahi Tuna Asian Salad… but the waitress comes back to tell me they don’t have any tuna. (An episode of Kitchen Nightmares flashes through my head, with Gordon Ramsey screaming.) So I ordered their grilled salmon instead. It tasted good, but I can’t really taste anything anyway.

I did not like their chicken soup. It was very salty. The waitress kept coming up to us like every 5 minutes asking us if we’re doing okay. I hate when they do that.

I told my Ranger, I usually don’t finish my food — he said, I know. So since his dad is a pediatrician, he had went to China to one of the rural villages to do some humanitarian work, and he said that his dad thought it was polite to finish his plate, but that they kept putting more food on his plate each time he finished his food — so he realized that in Chinese culture, leaving food on your plate is actually Chinese etiquette (versus American etiquette, where it’s polite to eat all your food). I told him I was very impressed that he even knew, ha!

I think if they had the tuna I would have liked it better. The Ranger being a guy, doesn’t care. Guys (especially military guys) are happy eating anything that isn’t a MRE. I give this place 3 out of 5 stars… the worse thing for a restaurant is to not have something on their own menu!

P/S. We went to Cracker Barrel despite the Cracker Barrel Tinder girl — I put my spoon into the bowl of gravy and ate it. He said, Are you eating gravy?! He laughed at me. Haha. ♡


I saw Wicked tonight, at the Kansas City Music Hall. It was very good, even though it wasn’t Broadway. (I’ve been spoiled by that New York City life!)

It’s actually a love story, which made it kind of sweet, because I grew up loving this movie as a kid’s movie. So basically, the cute guy in the movie falls in love with the awkward misfit (like any teenage flick), while dissing the super hot girl. They end up together in the end. (It’s actually a lot better than how I wrote it.) Basically the wicked witch is actually the protagonist, Glinda is her BFF, and there’s practically no mention of Dorothy.

The music was very catchy and the dialogue was great. It’s definitely a twist from the original Oz story, so I’m not sure how I feel about someone reinventing the plot (the play is based on a novel by Gregory Maguire); especially since it is one of my favorite classics. The costumes and effects were also really good for something that doesn’t have the same production resources as Broadway.

I also got a super sized balloon as a lovely surprise for my birthday… I turned 21 today (haha).

Thanks to a really nice guy (a child advocacy lawyer) for a happy birthday. It was an unbelievable first date, but I kept thinking about the Intel Captain… I think it’s kind of hard to give someone a genuine chance when you’re thinking of someone else. Oh, I know the Intel Captain’s all the way down in Texas (but the man secret squirrel an address for my birthday flowers!)… and my Mets won the game tonight! #2015WorldSeries ♡