Happy Birthday to Me …

I turned 21 today (ha!)… from my wonderful hubby (who has to remember my two birthdays every year). ♡


I’m dying!!! …

I’m dying!!! …

Okay, those that know me, know that I say that statement just about every day — my hubby said I’ve been dying since the day he’s met me.

I have a kidney infection, people!

It started as an untreated UTI because I thought my symptoms were all just pregnancy related; when my infection was finally diagnosed through a urine culture after at least a month of having the urinary symptoms, the doctor probably assumed it was an uncomplicated lower urinary tract infection (in the bladder). He prescribed me a week of Macrobid, which would have treated it effectively if it was still a UTI, but the bacteria has had enough time to spread to the kidney(s).

The doctor wasn’t available to see me, and instead I saw a midwife. The more I tried to explain my symptoms, the more it seemed as if she was trying to tell me otherwise — so I pulled out the my-father-in-law-is-a-doctor card (ha!). I told her that the Dr. had said that my symptoms are a kidney infection and that Macrobid wouldn’t work for it. (The Dr. and Mrs. are actually out of the country on their annual spiritual vacation… but the “card” worked.)

I think sometimes people in the medical field are a bit condescending because they believe what they think is right as opposed to actually listening to the patient… (I could have said I wanted to see a real doctor instead of a midwife or nurse practitioner, but it’s like telling a security guard or meter-maid that they’re just wanna-be cops).

Well, after I dropped that card, she seemed more susceptible to what I was telling her about my symptoms. So I got a shot of Rocephin in my left butt cheek (which is a very strong antibiotic)… I’m starting to get paranoid about the baby, but Google is a nightmare when you are medically concerned — you start looking things up, and then you’re convinced you have penile cancer even though you’re a woman.

Afterwards, she prescribed me 270 pills of cephalexin (500mg)… seriously, 270 pills of it! I guess I’m covered for UTI infections for a while, so I’m not complaining — but I am concerned about the antibiotics and the baby though.

On a happy note, I saw the baby today! ♡

It wasn’t an official prenatal exam, but since my symptoms consisted of lower back pains, chills and shaking, and all that other I’m dying!!! symptoms; she wanted to do a vital exam on the baby. I had a vaginal ultrasound done… I saw my little jellybean and heard the heartbeat. Right now the baby looks like an ink blot. ♡

First month: nauseous, vomiting, everything has a stinky smell to it (the kitchen is the worse, it always smells so bad to me, even foods that I used to love now smells awful); sleepy, moody, cranky, do NOT want sex (shop is closed for business — my poor hubby); constant thirsty feeling, yucky feeling in my mouth.

My other symptoms are in conjunction with my kidney infection: cloudy, dark urine (it also had a terribly strong odor), lower back pain (specific to my kidney area), frequent urination and feeling of incomplete bladder emptying; sporadic chills and shaking, especially at night.

I’ve been craving dried fish with peanut congee (unfortunately the closest legit Chinese restaurant is in Atlanta, so I’ll have to wait until I go home for it), and of course dim sum (specifically steamed shrimp dumplings, shrimp noodle rolls, and sticky fried rice… omg, I’m salivating — I miss home so much!).

Well, that’s what I’m craving, but what I’m eating (and able to hold down) is lemonade, lemon water, pretzel, jello, yogurt, and fruit bowls. My poor baby.

Our First Football Game

My mini-me and I had our first football game experience. We had 3 tickets, but the mister was having a hissy fit (maybe on his man-period???), so we decided to have a mother-daughter day instead.

We drove an hour to Auburn, Alabama for the game — it was packed! (I didn’t realize that we had went to their homecoming game.) Thanks to three ladies (who were actually sisters) we had a GREAT time.

I’ve finally experienced that “southern hospitality” that I’ve been hearing about. I had never been to a football game, and I also never been to that stadium before — I got lost and ended up in Section 2 (right above the press and the home team sideline); our real seats were actually in the nose-bleed section (102), but when I had asked one of the ladies behind me if I was in the right place, she said, Oh, no baby, y’all all the way over there. (She was basically pointing to the sky.)

I started to get up and took my daughter’s hands, and she says, Y’all can stay, it’s not a sold-out game. These seats aren’t taken. (I really loved her southern twang, I love their accents, and especially the way they say “baby”.) I was skeptical, because the stadium really was packed, and it was their home game; but we actually ended up with these fantastic seats for our first football experience!

(My hubby said later on, that the ladies were probably season-ticket holders and most season holders know one another, so that’s probably how they knew the seats we were in were going to be empty.) We ended up sitting in seats that probably cost at least $350 each, and it only cost the mister about $45 for all three tickets instead. (I told him if he had came with us, we probably wouldn’t have been able to sit at those awesome seats, so we’re happy he stayed home, ha!)

They also had their homecoming queen announced during half-time; and one of the ladies gave my daughter Auburn Tiger pompoms. It was really hot at the game; I didn’t bring any sunscreen, visors, hats, or sunglasses. (I got so tanned, I started peeling on my arm, and my forehead is super dry!)

But I couldn’t believe the amazing experience, because we also lucked out finding a parking spot; I found street parking, and it’s because I have a compact car, so I can fit it in just about anywhere (perfect for city parking). It was only about 2 blocks away from the stadium.

Oh, and Auburn won, 24-10!

[Articles] Thrive Global

Check out my two latest articles published today on Thrive Global (Arianna Huffington’s new company she created after stepping down from her namesake company, The Huffington Post)… I LOVE the picture of me for the Confessions of a Bored Housewife article, ha!:

The Millennial Era

Confessions of a Bored Housewife

Happy Mother’s Day ♡

Happy Mother’s Day to me! ♡

Pictured is my annual Mother’s Day bouquet. No filter by the way, my bouquet really is this lovely; some of the flowers are still budding, but will open in a few days… I just noticed the flower-pick looks like the Twitter bird, ha!

And a huge congratulations to my SIL for earning her second master degree; she now has a master in nursing (besides from her first master in theology). We are all so proud of her. ♡

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

I originally published this on my blog in September 2015 — that was a tough month. Thrive Global (Arianna Huffington’s new company that she started after stepping down from her namesake company, Huffington Post) re-published my article on their platform:

Taking Care of Your Own Emotional Well-Being First

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss ♡

Happy birthday to my favorite children’s author!

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you 
know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!!! ♡♡♡

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!!! ♡♡♡