I read this one summer during my “college years”… I can’t remember which year though. I remember it, because the first book I’ve ever read from her was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. A kid’s book. This was not a kid’s book though.

The story follows the life of bored 1970’s New Jersey housewife, Sandy Pressman, who decides to reinvigorate her life by having an affair with an old high school boyfriend. Life gets complicated when she accidentally discovers her husband might be having a long-term affair himself.

For some reason, this book popped into my head today. (One of my biggest regrets is losing my library collection I had in North Carolina. I had so many books!)

I had to pick up my glasses today at the PX-mall. It’s actually kind of nice there, there’s a few shops and a food court in the same building as the main PX.

I saw a red cocktail dress and a pastel lace baby-doll dress; one thing I do love about the PX is that they have most of the designer brand clothes that I love, and the best is there’s no tax! (I was very tempted to get a Coach handbag that was $200, but decided against it, as most of the stuff I buy I end up donating to Goodwill with the price tag still on it!) I think I might have an addiction, actually.

I had to go there to pick up my glasses since my hubby is always forgetting to get it after work. He also forgets his lunch all the time too, so last night I put his lunch bag in the fridge with his lunch.

He had his weekly football game today, but I didn’t feel like going to watch him play — I hate the Georgia heat and humidity. Last week was the first game, and his team won; this week his team lost (8-9). They even have team shirts and all… an orange shirt, with a weird looking lizard design on it.

We were invited to a children’s birthday party tomorrow, from the Greek CPT. I went shopping for a sun-dress to wear tomorrow, and ended up with two dresses and a shirt too. I also got a darling little girl’s dress set for the birthday girl.

I came home and did not feel like making dinner. I was mad that the mister is such a slob. Every day, I clean up crumbs, the mess in the bathroom, pick up his dirty boxers; laundry, laundry, dishes, and more laundry. Men are so gross. Thank God for the convenience and laziness of appliances for the dishes and laundry!

I sat on my lovely sofa. I got up, and lay across the loveseat that no one ever sits in. I flopped on to the oversized chair, and dangled my legs on the equally oversized ottoman — such a melodramatic drama queen!

I felt very bored. The housewife life is not for me. I remembered the book Wifey. I can see why suburban housewives cheat. Stuck home all day while their husband is at work. It’s a very boring, mundane life.

Today, I did something I haven’t done since I was 12… I tried to stand on my hands, using the side of the bed to balance me… I think I broke my back.

A House is Not a Home

I don’t feel like I’m at “home”.

I talked with my mom-in-law today. My hubby had to go back to work at 5PM because he got a text for a briefing.

I had my first experience with Tricare Prime — WTF!?! The last time I had Tricare, I had Standard. I never went on base, and I saw whoever I wanted. I figured I give Prime a try since we are a one-income household now. Well, now I remember why I wanted Standard way back when I lived in NC — I wasted time today seeing someone, so that she can give me a referral for an ob/gyn.

I basically went in for a pulse read and to get a piece of paper to say that I can be scheduled to see a doctor. What kind of nonsense is that!? I told my hubby I wanted Standard. Referrals are a complete waste of time! Plus, I have options in choosing civilian doctors anyway.

You know, writing all of this, I feel bad for having my hissy fit moments. Especially for my hubby because I know he tries everything to make me happy, and I am just so hard to please. I looked in the freezer today, and I saw a box of DiGiorno pizzas… I ended up feeling bad that I didn’t make him anything for lunch (I would have made dinner, but he had to go back to base). Maybe I am just one of those people that are never happy. You know, the grass always being greener or something.

should be very happy, but I find being a housewife very depressing. Oh, I know I’m unbelievably spoiled, and I’m grateful for such a wonderful husband that spoils me, but I feel as if whatever career ambitions I had went down the toilet after I got married.

Mostly, I think my husband just doesn’t know how to react when I have a meltdown. He’s not a very sensitive or emotional guy; so when I do have meltdowns, he tells me to go shopping.

I don’t even feel like buying anything! I actually have a bunch of crap I want to get rid of! I’ve donated so many things to Goodwill since we’ve got here, it’s straight up ridiculous. (I even donated my wedding dress!)

I don’t know, I don’t see the sense in trying to sell something. I guess I’m just a very generous person. I rather give it away to those in need. Although my hubby does get upset when I end up donating clothes that still have price tags on them!

Mostly, I guess it doesn’t feel like home because we will only be here for a short while before we move again. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I’m not too crazy about Georgia. I do miss being in NYC though, especially since I didn’t get to go home this summer — who the hell starts school the beginning of August anyway!? Unbelievable. I’m so sick of this place already.

My hubby says I’m not allowed to buy anymore yarn because our bedroom is covered with yarn… what am I supposed to buy then?! I have way too much clothes as it is, I am practically donating at the drop-off box every week. Terrible.


We had a lovely BBQ yesterday with Danny’s coworkers, and I possibly met the smartest man ever — he is an Armenian liaison officer who speaks 5 different languages fluently.

There’s also a female Intel Captain, and she’s the only one in the group who is with the infantry guys, but she is going to Special Forces in NC soon. She’s from Upstate NY, and we talked about NY and I told her I lived in NC for a year, so I’m a little familiar with the state (but I lived by the coast though).

There was also an Iraqi officer and a Greek officer there; apparently they are doing some sort of partnership through their country and the USA — my hubby is considering becoming a Ranger Instructor — I’m not too eager to move to the swamps of Florida, or some small hill town in Georgia… and I’ll never get to see him either.

I’m tracking my baby app, the worst is waiting… well, I have about a week to find out if there’s a bun in the oven (fingers crossed). I lamented to my best bud, Ed, and he said you can’t stress or plan it, otherwise it’ll never happen — I guess that’s true. Well, I was planning on seeing the doctor for Clomid anyway.

On Being a Housewife

Maybe being a housewife was the goal of women back in the day, but it’s super lame now.

I crochet all day. Watch TV. Go grocery shopping… occassionally run some errands, like changing my license, scheduling a dental appointment. Trying to figure out all the TriCare stuff because I want to see civilian doctors and not go on base.

Funny, when I was in my twenties, I wanted to marry a successful guy so I could be a housewife — now that I’m in my thirties, I rather be the successful one and not stay home all day. Staying home is lame, and I’ve got writer’s block, so I can’t even write any articles or finish my book (which is still due in November). I’m waiting for school to start because at least then I’ll have something to do and wake up for in the morning.

I basically wait for my husband to come home every day. How boring.

I am thankful for my husband, who loves us so much. He wakes up super early in the morning and works so hard for us, to provide for his family. He is the best husband and father. ♡

Family Guy

I love this photo of us.

Every woman wants a man to feel safe with; my guy is the best protector and provider for our little family, and we love him so much for it.

We are so proud of him for so many reasons: Bronze Star Medal for Afghanistan, LRS, Ranger School, Air Assault School, Airborne School (2 jumps away from qualifying for Jump Master…); getting his MBA, his EIB on the first try… the list is endless. He does so much for his country, the Army, his career — but especially for me. ♡

I never felt I needed a man to support me, as I’ve always pride myself on my independence; but do feel sometimes I need a protector, and I love having a man that I feel so safe and protected with. I seriously get so anxious when he’s away from home because I need a man in the house! (And because he fixes everything, gets all the stuff on the top shelves… and those annoying jars that just won’t open.)

I am so thankful to God for such a great man for a husband and father. ♡ — and because I know any children we have won’t end up being short, ha!


Patriot ☆

I am so proud of my husband — the Army called us while we were on our honeymoon to tell him that he is receiving a Bronze Star for Afghanistan. ☆☆☆

I love that I’m married to a grunt. Most civilians think every person in a military uniform is on a battlefield, that’s a huge misconception; actually most service members are never in direct action and are instead garrison on big bases while deployed — so extra love to all the infantrymen out there doing the dirty grunt load!

Shout-out to the best matron-of-honor ever (and also the baddest female Marine there is — combat instructor, Marine SOI, she’s a big deal). She is the ideal female Marine, and sets the standard for all others. ♡

Surviving a Deployment from the Sidelines

He had came out of Ranger School and was recruited to a LRS Company; a week after he finished Air Assault School, he had an opportunity to go with the next batch of guys deploying to Afghanistan, so he took it. It was good for his career.

Going through a deployment is the ultimate test in a military relationship. Find out what it’s like waiting for him to come home, on my Odyssey article:

Surviving a Deployment from the Sidelines

Identity Theft from Afghanistan to NY

The mister called. I’m not sure if it was because he missed me or if he thought he might get injured or killed today… they took IDF hits today. About 3 rockets coming from somewhere in the mountains, landing about a couple of hundred meters from their building. I won’t hear from him for 10-20 days while they’re doing whatever it is they’re doing over there — advising the Afghan army??? I mean, the coalition forces are gone, and anyone over there now is only on as “advisors”, right?

I couldn’t log on to Hulu. The subscription was put on hold… apparently someone stole his credit card information and bought over $500 worth of stuff at a Home Depot in NY. He got an alert from his credit card company about the charges, and called his credit card company on his phone to find out what was going on — I hate to think what that call cost! I’m thinking that this probably happened when he was buying his Afghan rug for a few hundred bucks! Don’t be fooled… just because they walk around with goats and live in tents doesn’t mean they’re not digitally savvy — how else do you explain all them IEDs that they rig up by pressing a button on their cell phone!?

He said that the thief tried out the card at a vending machine for $1 to see if it worked before going crazy at Home Depot… definitely a man, I mean, what woman would spend that kind of money at a store like that??? Besides, Home Depot is probably the place to shop if you’re wanting to build a home-made bomb with money that you stole out of a deployed officer’s credit card — without ever even having to go through their wallet!

It’s crazy. Before you used to have to worry about walking down a dark alley with your wallet… now people can rob you without even getting out of bed and in their underwear!

The Case of the Goat

The mister called today while I was at work, very unusual as he knows that I’m at work… I answered because I hardly get to talk with him. I figured it must be important. He called because he had a bad day.

His men were firing mortars today, and some Afghan nomads are claiming that their mortars burned down their tents and killed a goat (or goats???)… he’s stressed out about it because now there will be an investigation. The men think that the Afghans set their own tents on fire just so they could get compensation from the military. It’s hard to prove or disprove because the Army isn’t going to send CID to investigate on a goat. It could definitely be worse, they could be claiming civilian casualties or injuries.

I told him it’ll be a better day tomorrow. I’m sure it’s not the first time that occupied people are claiming dead goats via military fires. I told him to be careful for what he wished for… he wanted to get on this deployment roster.