Confessions of a Bored Housewife

While my husband is gone, I decided to tap into my inner Superwoman persona — I assembled a bookcase, a shoe rack, a metal bath tier rack that I decided to put in the sun room and use for my plants… and then I got to the curio.

One of my father-in-law’s doctor colleagues bought us a curio cabinet from our wedding registry. It’s very lovely (and solid wood). Danny didn’t assemble it before he left for Texas, but it was starting to nag me just leaning up against the wall, still in its humongous box, so I decided to assemble it. Over three hours later, I gave up and decided to wait for my husband to come home and fix it instead. I did get most of it done, but the doors require two people to help assemble; I also put two of the shelves in the wrong way, wasn’t able to tighten some of the screws (and some of the screws went in crooked instead of straight, and the edge of the glass chipped a bit on one of the sides — it’s not noticeable, but I noticed it because I assembled it, but it’s so superficial that I’m not even going to contact the manufacturer for a replacement part. At around 11:30p.m. I gave up and put the doors in the closet so they’ll be out of the way and safe from damage.

My dining set will arrive on Monday, and we got a washer and dryer (hooray!); my new vacuum also shipped. Now we just need a living room set… and something for the sunroom, which I decided to make into my “sewing room” (mostly for my crafts and crocheting). I think my husband is so wonderful to basically let me have all the say in the home space, he’s definitely very accommodating.

I am upset that we forgot my kitchen utensils in one of my drawers while we were packing, and they were accidentally left behind. Very upsetting since they aren’t even a year old yet and because I can’t cook without them! I hate having to buy a new set especially since that one was over $50.

We got mostly money from our guests at our wedding, but some bought us things from our registry. (I am still waiting for my flatware to ship, those will be my fancy flatware… it’ll go with my fancy plates that I’ll use only during the holidays, ha!) Since I don’t have any of my cooking utensils, we have been eating out every day (or eating Cup O’Noodles… it’s like college all over again), so I have not been grocery shopping, and am a bit depress waiting for the furniture because of all the empty space.

My anxiety went through the roof on Saturday and I spent most of the day crying. I was very emotional and thought perhaps I was ovulating. My baby app predicted this week to be my fertile week, so we shall see in two weeks whether or not the stork is bringing us a baby!

I told Danny I wanted to go home (New York City) for the summer, and he said okay. I have the best husband in the world. Pinch me, I’m dreaming — I can’t believe it!

Happy First Father’s Day ♡

My husband had his first Father’s Day today… I spent all day yesterday crying and having a meltdown… and then went on some crazy shopping spree buying mostly junk to calm myself down.

I forgot it was Father’s Day today, and rolled out of bed at about 10a.m., and by the time I showered and crawled back to bed, it was almost 11 — my daughter was disappointed that she wasn’t able to use her Father’s Day McDonald’s breakfast coupon. (I only remembered after seeing the presents I bought last month on the kitchen counter.)

I quietly went into my daughter’s room and shut the door and told her today was Father’s Day, but it was too late for her to use her coupon to take daddy to breakfast. Since we had such a crazy busy few weeks (our wedding, honeymoon, relocating… now waiting for the rest of Danny’s furniture and buying new furniture) — I’m disappointed that my husband’s first Father’s Day wasn’t better for him. (He spent most of it doing homework for his MBA — I spent most of it sleeping.)

We didn’t even get him a card, and I was too lazy to make him a card (I’m quite a card-making expert, if I do say so myself), so I had my daughter draw him a Father’s Day picture on her art easel (which she calls her “big X” because the legs on the easel look like a big X to her). Thankfully I like to do things ASAP, so I had at least gotten him presents in May for the occassion.

He has to go back to Texas to move out of his apartment, so we are dropping him off at the airport tomorrow. His furniture will arrive by the end of the week, and he bought me the dining set I wanted today; we looked at living room sets also, and once we buy a living room set we’ll be complete. (We still need a washer and dryer too… it’s been so crazy, it’s hard to believe it’s only been three days at our new home.)

A most happiest first Father’s Day to my wonderful husband. We love him so much. He goes broke spending all his money on us, and we are spoiled rotten by him. He does everything he can to make us happy. We are so grateful to God for such an amazing man. ♡

Patriot ☆

I am so proud of my husband — the Army called us while we were on our honeymoon to tell him that he is receiving a Bronze Star for Afghanistan. ☆☆☆

I love that I’m married to a grunt. Most civilians think every person in a military uniform is on a battlefield, that’s a huge misconception; actually most service members are never in direct action and are instead garrison on big bases while deployed — so extra love to all the infantrymen out there doing the dirty grunt load!

Shout-out to the best matron-of-honor ever (and also the baddest female Marine there is — combat instructor, Marine SOI, she’s a big deal). She is the ideal female Marine, and sets the standard for all others. ♡

My Experience as a June Bride ♡

I am so thankful for such a wonderful mom-in-law, not enough credit is given to these women. Sure, everyone knows about the monster-in-law, and most brides hope for a mother-in-law, but very few are lucky enough to have a mom-in-law.

My guy wasn’t very involved in the planning, so it was his mom and me who planned it mostly; and it gave us an opportunity to get to bond with each other. We had a $10,000 wedding budget (we originally had a $5,000 budget, but then decided that wasn’t realistic for what we wanted).

For those in the surrounding Cincinnati area, our beautiful venue is at Norlyn Manor. They offer an inclusive wedding package that includes everything from linen to centerpieces. The starting price is $4,000 — our venue cost came out to a little under $7,000 alone; but we had upgraded our menu, included a cocktail hour, our ceremony on site, and chair sashes.

I got all my bridesmaids a bracelet from Amazon. (I bought myself one too.) The girls got their dresses from Forever21. I gave them three choices to choose from, they ended up all choosing the same dress. The guys got their suits at Men’s Warehouse, and the Dr. paid for their suit rentals. I wanted their ties and pocket squares to match the ladies’ dresses, which is a red wine color. My reception dress is red too. My wedding dress I bought online from China (if you’re skinny enough, buying a dress from China will save you a few hundred bucks if you don’t mind waiting for the long shipping date).

My flowers are going to be the traditional red roses. My mom-in-law would save a lot of money if she went with sunflowers (or any other flowers besides from roses). We are using the centerpieces from our venue; so my mom-in-law only needs bouquets, corsages, and boutonnières… and maybe decorations from the florist on the gazebo — we are still undecided on whether we want the florist to do that, or to do it ourselves.

I made all the prints myself, including the invitations. I used Gartner Studios kits, and they had so many bird themes. (Our wedding theme is lovebirds.) The only prints that I used a professional service for was our rehearsal dinner invitations, and that was a huge disappointment. I used Wedding Paper Divas; they were expensive, and there was a print error on the back of one of my cards; but the cardstock quality was excellent, so I’ll give them that.

If you’re computer savvy or know even a little graphic design, then you can save hundreds of dollars on printing with DIY prints.

Our wedding favors and engagement party favors I ordered online. For the wedding, we got stemless wine glasses engraved with birds on a branch and our names and date; for the engagement we got a lovebird salt and pepper shaker set from Amazon, (I wished I had ordered those for the wedding instead, they’re perfect!).

We got the Dr. and Mrs. a high-end Cuisinart carafe maker… it might be too high-tech for the Mrs. though, so the Dr. will have to program it instead. The guys got a really nice engraved drinking set in an engraved case as their gift.

Our wedding website was the Knot, and they even have a lovebird theme that matched our invitations. We registered at BB&B and because they are partnered with our wedding website; and our chosen charity is the US Fund for UNICEF — which is also partnered with the Knot for registry donations.

We went with the recommendations from our venue on the DJ. My mom-in-law chose a bakery that she’s used before. I let her choose the design; she went with a tiered cake with red roses cascading down, and I bought our cake topper on Amazon. It’s two blue lovebirds with a top-hat and a veil.

With the wedding itself, we did it within our $10K budget; but we had help from the Dr. and Mrs. on some of the expenses, and they also host our other events for us like our engagement party (unfortunately his grandpa got very sick around that time); and our rehearsal dinner was paid for by my wonderful brother John. We were very fortunate that they were able to help us out financially with some of the expenses because most couples have to foot the bill entirely on their own.

The whole thing cost closer to about $25,000 though if we included our honeymoon and things outside of the actual wedding; like all the traveling expenses for our wedding, the hotel for our wedding night, etc.

We are honeymoon-ing on an island resort with its own private beach! (I can’t wait, I miss being by the ocean, even if I don’t know how to swim, ha!) ♡ My hubby is never allowed to book a vacation ever again. I definitely felt he could have gotten a better price for our honeymoon if he had shopped around, but he doesn’t have the patience for that kind of stuff. Oh, well. I guess since it’s a honeymoon it’s okay to be extravagant and over-the-top, and even splurge a bit.

[Book Review] Puppy Training

Today I received a book to review: Puppy Training: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crate Training, Potty Training, Obedience Training, and Behavior Training — by Julia Chandler.

It’s a good instruction book that is best suited for a first-time dog owner. It has beautiful photos of various dogs which helps the book a lot visually. It’s an easy read with some great tips. The paragraphs are broken up very neatly instead of being long and compact. There’s some really good info in the book like poisonous plants, the kind of collar to choose, click training, etc. I highly recommend for someone who is getting a puppy for the first time.

Thanks to Ms. Chandler for the opportunity to review her book, and the best of luck for her success with it.

What France’s Presidential Election Means For the Rest of the World

Russia tried to meddle in the recent French Presidential Election, but unlike with us, they did not succeed — read my latest political current event news article on Thought Catalog to find out why:

What France’s Presidential Election Means For the Rest of the World