Pee Pads!

Okay, I had stated a few posts ago that I wanted to be brutally honest about pregnancy (because a lot of women, and Hollywood, give out a false impression that can make a pregnant woman feel bad when she doesn’t feel like she’s floating around on a rainbow).

Let’s talk about peeing on yourself. It happens. Any pregnant woman that tells you she never peed herself in her 9th month of pregnancy is a straight-faced liar! Not only did she peed herself, but she’s so ashamed/embarrassed that she probably uses some incognito app so that her phone doesn’t save the cookies from the sites she visited when she Google “pregnancy incontinence”.

It’s nature. Don’t be embarrassed. I’m writing this on the world-wide-web to let you all know it happens, even to me! Sure, there are women who love being pregnant because they don’t get morning sickness or pregnancy acne, or any of those other awful symptoms… but even those women aren’t immune to the uterus pushing down on her bladder at 9 months when the baby has dropped head first into her pelvic area.

Well, my baby is due in a little over a week, and I am currently suffering from a hacking cold that I got from my daughter. She’s school age, so it’s unavoidable, and there’s really nothing to do for a common cold other than to let it run its course. Except, every time I cough or sneeze, I pee my pants — soaking my underwear.

I have changed my underwear like 10x today. Finally, after running out of my 20th cotton granny undies from Walmart (I’ll write a post about buying Walmart cotton underwear in the future, they’re actually the best thing ever when you’re pregnant!) — I decided to go upstairs to the master bathroom and dig out my period pads.

Now, I’ve always had a heavy period flow, so I usually do not buy those panty liner nonsense or those ultra thin crap; but I was still unsure as urine is completely water-like liquid and menstrual bleeding is definitely not water-like. I mean, even if you’re a guy, you know blood is thicker than water (no pun intended, haha). I wasn’t sure that the pads would hold up to my leaking bladder, and if not, I was desperate enough to go to the store and get a bag of Depends… I did not have to get urinary incontinence pads at the store — my menstrual pads held up well enough for me to sit through a whole afternoon of watching real murders getting solved on the ID network. Hooray!

There, I just shared a TMI story that is incredibly embarrassing… but every mom will tell you, you lose all shame of your body when you’re on a hospital bed with your legs spread wide apart, and there’s like 4 strangers staring at your gapping vagina as a head is emerging… even the duchess, Kate Middleton.

This baby is getting evicted soon! I can’t wait.