Spring Fever

I’m dying!!! — no, but seriously, I have an awful cold that I got from my daughter, and it’s the worse, especially since my baby will be here in a little over a week.

My hubby will be gone this week to go to the field, and hopefully will be back the night before my scheduled c-section (unless I go into labor before then); the Dr. and Mrs. are coming down to stay with us at the end of next week in-case the baby decides to arrive while daddy is in the field… the life of an infantry officer — woe is me.

Since he won’t be here to celebrate Mother’s Day with me, he indulged my plant-craze… it was the only thing I liked about Iowa was having a garden; and after living in an apartment in Georgia for almost a year, I’m glad to have our beautiful house here.

My mini succulent plants in the front living room (I crochet that sunflower table runner for my coffee table… makes a beautiful gift, I LOVE personal DIY gifts!), and my majestic palm in the corner.

My new bonsai tree; it was originally outside on our patio, but I moved it inside.

My hubby bought this one, it’s some sort of ivy… (and one of my hubby’s paintings that he painted in college in the background wall).

My mass cane, with my bonsai tree, and my lucky bamboo that I’ve had for about 5 years now.

My mass cane in front of the window… I crochet those sunflower curtain ties (the design on the curtains are sunflowers), so it matches! (I ended up moving this plant up against the wall between my curio and bookcase.)

My humongous peace lily. It’s very pretty… this ended up being moved to our bedroom because I was sick of looking at my hubby’s ugly snake plant!

In our front living room; a new lucky bamboo and an African violet… and my hubby’s mint plant.

My ZZ plant that I’ve had for about 3 years now. It’s in the baby’s room.

In my hubby’s office… some type of ivy and an orchid.

Sun coming up… in our bedroom, another painting my hubby painted in college, and my peace lily (and his ugly snake plant).