[Review] New Nails Salon

Ewww. I do things now like telling my husband on a Sunday, I’m going to the salon to get my nails done. Funny, I have everything I’ve always thought I wanted in a marriage… yet, somehow I feel very unsatisfied. (Have I mentioned how super lame being a housewife is???)

The relocation has been extremely stressful for me, and my anxiety just can’t keep up with the stress. I am thankful for my amazing husband, but there are moments that I want to punch him in the face! Like, the day before I had my period — I cried into the pasta salad, and even though I know he means well, he tried to comfort me by saying, You should go shopping tomorrow.

He thinks that’ll calm me down or make me feel better… to send me to the mall or the salon. Oh, I know I’m spoiled, but there are just some things that a day of shopping can’t fix. I feel restless. Bored, actually.

Anyway, I digress! — I found a salon that I like.

New Nails Salon is located in Columbus, by where all the shopping and dining are. It’s a narrow interior, but there are plenty of pedi chairs and a few mani desks. They also have a fanning table to dry your nails and toes. They also provide waxing — I’ve noticed that outside of NYC, most places wax you right out front instead of in a back room or separate room; a bit awkward sitting there with a bunch of strangers getting your eyebrows plucked. What if you want a bikini or Brazilian done!?! (Which I’ve noticed a lot of places don’t offer… I hate shaving, I rather just find a full scale salon that does it.)

The prices are comparable. I got a mani and pedi, and my eyebrows done for $50 ($60, because I gave the lady a $10 tip). My hubby thought it looked very nice… but he doesn’t really notice things like that. He should notice, he’s the one that pays for it!

The lady that serviced me was friendly. She also knew how to do the flower designs that I like (sometimes I give myself a mani/pedi, and I do my own designs… I am super artistic like that, ha!) — they also have the tiny jewels that I love for nails.

They were super busy though, and I had a few minutes to wait. I’m sure they’re probably not as busy during the workday, but I went on a Sunday. The pedi chairs also has a massage controller, which is great. They also have a menu for different options for pedicures.

I highly recommend.


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