Updates …

Hello friends! So many things to write about, but seems like there’s hardly any time to do anything! I’m just going to ramble on, so excuse the incomplete sentences and thoughts!

We just got back from a mini-vacay to St. Augustine, Florida. We visited the historic colonial district, went to the fort that is there, and saw the July 4th fireworks by the water. It was beautiful, but unbelievably HOT, and I couldn’t bear the weather at all. I was actually thankful to finally leave because I missed our new home. Oh, it wasn’t that I liked Georgia better, or Florida less, it was that I missed sleeping in my own bed, my furniture, my living space — you know, home is wherever your pile of dirty underwear is at.

During the car ride down to Florida, I crocheted an adorable hat. I put it up for sale on Facebook because it didn’t fit me (or my mini-me), and I figured it was too cute to just donate to Goodwill like I do with all the other stuff that I don’t want. Instantly, I had people who were interested in buying it (I put it up for sale for $5); and then I decided why not create a Facebook page for it. Only, I didn’t want it to be a page where I sold stuff, because my crochet stuff are handmade, so it’s not like I can mass produce a product. Instead, I wanted a page where I could showcase my work (some good, mostly novice messes), meet new people online and most importantly — get new patterns by others sharing. You know, like an actual Facebook page before Facebook turned everything into an entrepreneur goal.

After I set up my page, I then realized that I needed a blog too — because lets be real, as much as I love crocheting and my other craft hobbies, nothing comes before my love of writing. I figured there wasn’t enough space on a Facebook post to actually write what I wanted, so I created a blog solely for my crafting. Then the next day, I made an Etsy page too — yes, I’ve become one of those. Don’t worry, my stuff is legit (the most expensive item is only $30 for a handmade baby outfit, a definite bargain since it took like three days to make!); there’s nothing worse than those pyramid schemes to buy their vitamins, coffee, makeup, or whatever nonsense — no thanks, I’m not interested in your beach body goals for $39.99 for a packet of whatever that crap is.

While on our little holiday getaway, the principal of a charter school in Georgia called me for an interview for Tuesday, and the county school district called me to put me on their sub list. She told me I would get lots of calls because I’m certified; which is nice, but I’m not sure I want a full-time gig, being that there’s a lot of things I want to focus on at the moment.

I still have not gotten beyond a chapter of my book, which is still due at the end of November.

A producer at CNN also contacted me via Twitter to tell me that he wanted to air a clip of my hubby; I finally got back to him yesterday because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even checked my Twitter in a while — I have to make a selfie video, and I just don’t have the time to submit that yet. I guess I’ll get to it when other things have settled down at the moment. I do want to do it because I want to share with the world how proud I am of my hubby.

I also haven’t submitted any articles either, so today I wrote one for Thrive Global, and hopefully it’ll get published soon.

In the mean time, for my loyal followers/readers, check out my new blog (specifically for my crocheting and crafts):


Check out my new Etsy shop, for adorable crochet and (available soon) other super cute craft gifts:


And lastly, go give my new Facebook page a view, and don’t be shy — click the like button, I need attention, ha!:



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