Home Sweet Home

Thanks to my AMAZING husband for buying me my living room set today!

I had given away all my furniture in Iowa to my friend Amanda, and once we got to Georgia I donated a lot of my hubby’s stuff to the Salvation Army. (They are one of the few charities where your monetary donations actually goes towards the mission and not the pockets of corporate executives; we are a huge supporter of them and the Boy/Girl Scouts, as well as the ICRC.)

We’ve looked at two other furniture stores, and were considering the PX; but my husband wanted high-end furniture, I was okay with the inexpensive stuff at Walmart (their online home furniture actually has some really nice affordable stuff). I am not too peculiar about that stuff, I am not looking for heirloom quality, just something that looks nice.

I had already set up the donation pickup for the Salvation Army, so my wonderful hubby asked me last night if I wanted to get my living room set today, and he got me everything I wanted today at Ashley Furniture for our new sweet home together — we got the complete Ilena living room set: sofa, love seat, oversized chair, and ottoman. It’s an overstuffed style, with a tweed-like fabric (it’s actually herring-bone weave), and nail-head trim. So we actually did end up with heirloom quality furniture after all, ha!

We are finally complete with our home decor and furnishings. I am so happy that my hubby let me re-decorate our home, especially the sunroom (which will be my “sewing room”). When we were at the store finishing our sales order, I gave my hubby a kiss because I was so happy, and the sales associate helping us said, Oh, I can tell he spoils you! Ha, he most certainly does — every woman should be so lucky to have a man treat them as great as my hubby treats me. ♡

Afterwards, my daughter and I went to introduce ourselves to our neighbor who has a daughter the same age as mine. My daughter wanted a play-date, so I asked her parents if it was okay for her to come over to our home to play.

My daughter is very friendly, and I see how easy it is for her to make friends, so I’ve kind of been taking cues from her as an adult trying to build new friendships; this is especially difficult as a military family because we won’t be in Georgia forever, and it’s hard establishing relationships without roots.

I think our neighbors are Indian, they spoke with an accent, and they seemed very traditional. I am glad that my daughter is getting the cultural exposure she was lacking in Iowa. When they opened the door, the smell of curry and other spices were overwhelming, but I wanted my daughter to be culturally competent, and as a social studies teacher it’s so important for me that my children are worldly and culturally sophisticated.

I grew up speaking two languages at home, and studying a third language all through junior high school, high school, and college. When deciding to pursue teaching, I didn’t want elementary like a lot of young female teachers choose, I wanted social studies. So diversity is extremely important to me as a parent.

Today was a lovely day, and I’m so grateful for everything that God has blessed me with, especially my husband. ♡


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