Happy Mother’s Day ♡

Happy Mother’s Day to me! ♡

Pictured is my annual Mother’s Day bouquet. No filter by the way, my bouquet really is this lovely; some of the flowers are still budding, but will open in a few days… I just noticed the flower-pick looks like the Twitter bird, ha!

And a huge congratulations to my SIL for earning her second master degree; she now has a master in nursing (besides from her first master in theology). We are all so proud of her. ♡

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day ♡

  1. Lisa,What plug-in are you using to capture and display Hits?I have a feeling that number that is being displayed is wrong (too low)Have you checked Google Analytics?
    Lonnie Goldman


    • I updated my WordPress back in March, and was fighting with WordPress over $26 (haha), and had to do multiple changes because some of my articles I had submitted to publication sites, and those publications retain the rights, so I couldn’t post on my own blog the same articles without linking to the publications (like Elite Daily)… but I have the free hosted because it’s a personal blog. My hits are only starting from April 2014 though, so I think it’s right. Those older posts were imported from my dead Blogger (Google) account. Thanks for being a fan though! ♡


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