Nail Time Review

My hubby is in Oklahoma for a week, doing some weird grunt-bonding. I miss him, and since the weather has been so nice this past weekend and today, I decided to get a mani and pedi to welcome in the spring season.

Nail Time is a salon in the Quincy Mall in Ottumwa, Iowa. It’s right by the entrance as you walk in. Dorris did my mani and pedi (and wax); she was very friendly. Whenever an Asian person sees me, they always ask me if I’m the same ethnicity as they are — you have no idea how many Koreans at nail salons try to talk to me in Korean! (She was actually Vietnamese though, but surprisingly she spoke Cantonese; so we actually communicated in Cantonese instead.)

The salon is inside the mall. The place is spacious, and looks clean. Nail stations appear clean, and pedi stations too. The pedi chairs have amenities built into the chair, like a massager with a remote. The only thing I didn’t like was that they did the wax out in the open (I prefer salons that have a room for solely waxing, away from other customers). The chair that the wax was done wasn’t very comfortable either. I got a stiff neck from it.

It was $30 for a pedicure, $20 for a manicure, and another $20 for the wax (I had two waxing done on different areas)… Dorris did a really pretty flower design on my nails.

The waxing is a bit more expensive than small, little neighborhood shops, but I loved how my nails came out. I have gone to nail salons where I felt they did a crappy job, especially with designs. I don’t do the fake nails — you know, the acrylic or gel, or the glued-on crap; so designs are something that I am very critical about because the polish goes on my actual nails. I did felt that she put too many coats on though, especially for natural nails; I only like two coats of paint.

It’s a good place to get your nails done (I suggest going somewhere else for waxing though).

The designs were hand painted since I only get manicures and pedicures on my natural nails… I really love the design. It’s almost as good as my two favorite salons back home in NYC.


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