Obagi Blue Peel Review

I got an Obagi Blue Peel at the Cleaver Dermatology center in Kirksville, Missouri (they’re opening another location in Georgia soon!)… the center is separated into a medical dermatology part and a spa area (to the left as you walk in). They have their own parking (very convenient), and it’s one of the nicest spas I’ve been to (and I’ve been to plenty!). My esthetician, Robin, was very friendly and nice. There was no waiting around to be seen either, so that was great too!

Robin cleaned my face, applied lotion on my lip, and then put the Obagi Blue Peel on. She did two coats. I was worried it would hurt, it didn’t. It did sting a little bit, but definitely not anything terrible. I was given a mini fan to hold to my face to cool it down. Afterwards, Robin washed my face again, although I did have blue residual on my face.

The blue was completely gone the next day after I washed my face. No peeling or anything. I was told to wear sunscreen and lotion, I didn’t do either. I had watched YouTube videos where these white women looked like their face was literally peeling off… that hasn’t happened to me, so maybe this stuff only works on white people???

After about 4 days, I started “flaking” a bit. It looks like I have dry skin around my jaw area. I also started flaking on the sides of my cheeks too. Nothing major. I was a bit disappointed. I wanted my face to go through that weird looking white-woman peel, and it didn’t. The side of my face was a bit itchy too.

After a week, I told Ed my face feels softer. He told me they probably put baby oil on my face and charged me for a swab of Johnson & Johnson baby oil, ha! That’s only because they all think I’m “beautiful”… but as every vain woman knows, the more vain you are, the more critical you are with yourself.

To me, it felt like getting some super-strength overpriced facial. I liked it though, it wasn’t a bad experience. I would actually recommend this instead of getting regular spa facials… if you don’t mind the blue tinge left behind a day or two; also, every person is different. So maybe this would be more beneficial for some people with lots of dead skin or maybe someone with acne problems; the YouTube videos that I watched where people’s faces were peeling off were either older women or people with bad acne… so I’m not sure what I was really expecting out of it.

I have these very fine wrinkles on my forehead, and Ed thinks I’m crazy — but that’s only because to Ed, I am forever 21 and his fantasy Asian girl — every white guy has that one Asian friend who is his fantasy Asian, ha!


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