Joe’s Redneck Family …

So you don’t like the rednecks

I’m not I’m just a little country

I know you’re part gangster

My dad’s family are kind of all hillbillies
Grandma can’t say coffee
She is redneck
Her accent

My grandpa mumbles the native tongue so even if you spoke the language you still wouldn’t understand him. Plus he’s going senile. Said he was going for a walk on Thanksgiving, hopped in his truck and took off. My uncle found him the next town over

My mom’s mom is diabetic and extremely obese and has to use a walker to get around or an electric cart at Walmart. So I try to help out and make her life easier. I got her a Roku player because she was watching Netflix on her computer and reading books online. I fixed her Wi-Fi, updated her Kindle and showed her how to FaceTime on her iPad. I put all of our accounts that I knew on there so she didn’t have to figure it out.

She uses my Hulu account to watch The Amazing Race lol

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