I saw Wicked tonight, at the Kansas City Music Hall. It was very good, even though it wasn’t Broadway. (I’ve been spoiled by that New York City life!)

It’s actually a love story, which made it kind of sweet, because I grew up loving this movie as a kid’s movie. So basically, the cute guy in the movie falls in love with the awkward misfit (like any teenage flick), while dissing the super hot girl. They end up together in the end. (It’s actually a lot better than how I wrote it.) Basically the wicked witch is actually the protagonist, Glinda is her BFF, and there’s practically no mention of Dorothy.

The music was very catchy and the dialogue was great. It’s definitely a twist from the original Oz story, so I’m not sure how I feel about someone reinventing the plot (the play is based on a novel by Gregory Maguire); especially since it is one of my favorite classics. The costumes and effects were also really good for something that doesn’t have the same production resources as Broadway.

I also got a super sized balloon as a lovely surprise for my birthday… I turned 21 today (haha).

Thanks to a really nice guy (a child advocacy lawyer) for a happy birthday. It was an unbelievable first date, but I kept thinking about the Intel Captain… I think it’s kind of hard to give someone a genuine chance when you’re thinking of someone else. Oh, I know the Intel Captain’s all the way down in Texas (but the man secret squirrel an address for my birthday flowers!)… and my Mets won the game tonight! #2015WorldSeries ♡


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