Thanks to three great guys for a special week… but especially to the Intel Captain. ♡

I had received flowers from Ed and Jaime for my birthday, and I was hoping each time it was from the Intel Captain (even though both times I knew it wasn’t though), but the third flower delivery I had hoped… and I held my breath, and my heart skipped a beat as I opened the card — it was from my Captain. ♡

Ed’s flowers came first (I knew they were from him because it was yellow roses in a smiley mug), and then Jaime’s (red carnations)… I told Jaime the Captain didn’t send me any flowers for my birthday. Jaime’s great to talk to because our time-zone makes it possible for when I can’t sleep (he’s stationed in Okinawa).

He will.

How do you know?

Because he calls you every night. Any guy that talks to a girl every day is sending her flowers for her birthday. That’s just a fact.

But he doesn’t know my address! He didn’t ask me for it.

So according to Jaime, I guess that’s how I would know if the Captain actually liked me or not… he would “secret squirrel” that shit. After all, that’s supposed to be his MOS, right? He’s supposed to know how to do things like find an address to send flowers to a girl, without asking her for one… so I went to sleep hoping that the Captain was good at his job and knew how to be a squirrel — I mean, don’t you want a competent officer in charge of soldiers?

I woke up and found out that the Mets are going to the NLS against the Cubs, so already it was a great day (#2015WorldSeries)… and during 3rd period, my phone rings three times.

The first time was the guidance counselor asking for a student. The second time it was the librarian asking for the same student. The third time… it was the office telling me I had flowers. I waited until I got to my desk before I looked at the card. ♡


There’s that infamous dimple of mine!

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