Be With You

A broken heart with open wounds
When it’s through, it’s through
Fate will twist your hope for you
So come on girl
You know I make you smile
Come on over
when I call you baby
And you got me on your speed dial

You know I like your kind of crazy
‘Cause you’re my kind of wild
Waited on a line with all the others
Just to be the next to be with you
Looking at your pictures to pass the time
While I’m downing this red wine

Who cares about
That little boy that whines too much
I’ve heard it all before
And you’ve got your fingers crossed
on a shooting star
So let all your dreams come true
When you’re thinking about
all the little things
That’s just between me and you

Why be alone when we can be together
I can make you laugh
I can make you start to smile
And you can write all about this
Brag to your friends all about it
While we fall asleep texting
Wake up in the morning
With your picture next to it

Just to be the next to be with you

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