Linguine with Clams

Haven’t wrote a new post in a while — I’ve recently discovered Candy Crush and I’ve been like a crack addict with those Facebook games (I’ve sunk a new low in life!). Like, seriously I haven’t left the house in 3 days people!

But I digress! Okay, so my son is half Italian — split right down the middle. His dad is fully Italian, and I (his mother) am fully Chinese, so he really is 50/50. Italians and Chinese have a lot in common, both are very ethnic cultures, with strong family values and traditions, and very similar cuisines… hey, it’s no coincidence that next to every pizzeria is a Chinese take-out! (Not to mention Little Italy being right next to Chinatown.) My son’s paternal grandfather didn’t even get his American citizenship until a few years ago, the man is like fresh off the boat Italian.

My son LOVES clams. I honestly think he gets his love of seafood from me because that’s what I always ate (when I was pregnant with him, I use to crave fruit bowls all the time though!). One of my favorite Italian pasta dishes is linguine with white clam sauce. I also think it’s easy to make, but a bit of a challenge in getting fresh clams if you’re not by a coastal state (which I’m currently not, so the clams in the can will do too).

Every time I go visit the mister, I buy pasta and never cook it. I always mean to, but I usually end up dragging him to the nearby Red Lobster instead (I really wish they have a Joe’s Crab Shack or Sizzler’s nearby Killeen, TX)… but back to the clams!


The things you will need: clams (if you can’t get fresh, get frozen, if you can’t get that either, then get the canned crap), garlic, olive oil, white cooking wine, butter, salt, crushed red pepper flakes, and parsley… and cheese if you like it (some people don’t like it with a seafood dish, but it goes well with pasta foods though).

If you’re getting the fresh clams you’ll have to clean them first. To clean them use a toothbrush to scrub the shells — you can buy the “food scrubbers”, but really for like $1 a toothbrush does the same thing. After scrubbing let them soak in cold water while you’re cooking your pasta… follow the directions on the box if you don’t know how to cook pasta (it’s basically just boiling it in water).

If you’re using the canned/frozen stuff — after the pasta is cooked, in a large skillet heat up olive oil, with a few garlic cloves and crushed red pepper flakes, add some white cooking wine (sorry about measurements, I never measure anything, I always eyeball everything — which is probably why I never bake!), and add the clams into the skillet and let it soak for about 3 minutes or so. (Remove the cloves afterwards if you want.) Add your pasta into the mix and sauté for a few minutes longer. Finish off with some chopped parsley and grated cheese.

To cook fresh clams, you would first make it almost the same way as a Drunken Clams recipe — in a pan heat up olive oil, add a few garlic gloves and crushed red peppers, and add half a stick of butter. (Remove the cloves after the oil has been heated if you want.) Add your clams, pour in the white cooking wine and sauté for a few minutes; add in some water, cover, and steam the clams until they open up.

Add your pasta to the pan, toss it around a few times, add your chopped parsley (and cheese if you want) — now EAT!!!

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