Chinese Spinach with Garlic

This is super easy (and fast) to make — and this method can be made with just about any vegetables that are used in Chinese cuisine… plus, it is very healthy.  (I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a fat Chinese person? — or one with cholesterol problems???)


This takes about five minutes to cook. Get your spinach clean by washing it. Leafy vegetables shrink in size once it’s cooked, so how much you need depends on how much is going to be eaten. You’ll need one garlic bulb; peel your cloves and keep the cloves whole.

In a wok (or skillet if you don’t have a wok), heat cooking oil, add your whole garlic cloves, sauté for about a minute; add your spinach and sauté that for about three minutes or so (you’ll know when the leaves are wilted), add salt (or soy sauce if you’ve got it) and plate; finish off by drizzling sesame oil over it. See — how easy was that!?!

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