Bok Choy Recipe

In Chinese cuisine, we eat rice for every meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between (and always accompanied by tea). For dinner, there is usually a vegetable dish, a seafood dish, and a meat dish… for holidays and family gatherings, there are multiple varieties of these dishes.

I was really spoiled by my mom’s cooking. My mother never knew how to use a microwave and I don’t know of any markets in Chinatown that sells DiGiorno or Lean Cuisine and Hot Pockets; so everything my mom cooked was homemade.

One of my favorite Chinese vegetable dish is bok choy with ginger sauce (some use garlic too… it’s individual preference). I like baby boy choy, but they never have it in the store here (here is the middle of nowhere Iowa).

So this is very basic — chop off the stump end and wash the bok choy, and then chop the bok choy into parts (you don’t have to do that if you’re using the baby kind).

To make it with ginger and garlic — chop up both, stir it around in a wok with hot oil, and add soy sauce and oyster sauce for about a minute. (I can’t give measurements because I eye-ball everything instead.) Add the bok choy into the wok, stir fry for about three minutes, cover your wok and let it steam for about five minutes… adjust your cooking time to how big your batch is.

To make it with ginger sauce instead — use vegetable oil, scallions and ginger. Now, if you have one of those mince gadgets, good for you!… I do it the way I saw my mom doing it, which is basically beating it with a cleaver. With your peeled ginger, slice it, and then chop it. Chop the scallions finely, and then just mince the two together until they’re immersed. It should be smooth… kind of like baby food consistency. Add that mush up ginger and scallion into your bowl of oil — how much oil? It depends on how big your mashed up ginger and garlic is… enough to cover it, but it shouldn’t be drowning in it. Add a pinch of salt, and then stir like crazy.

If you’re using the ginger sauce, you would just cook the bok choy in oil alone, and when it’s cooked, you’d add the ginger sauce at the end to give it flavor.


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