Les Films Français

Bonsoir mes amis !

Tonight I watched two French movies, the first one was a hilarious French comedy called Barbecue. It’s about a group of middle-aged, long-time friends from Lyon, who are on vacation together in southern France. I really loved the movie a lot (it’s currently streaming on Netflix). The main character, Antoine, suffers from a heart attack a week after his 50th birthday. It’s an ensemble cast, and it’s one of those feel-good comedies. The cinematography of the southern France landscape is beautiful, and I just loved how colorful the whole movie was. Going to France is definitely on my bucket list now!

The second film I watched is called Le Tableau in French (The Painting), and it’s also currently streaming on Netflix. This is an animation film, and it might be too mature for very young children, but I think it’s a great film… I enjoyed it. It’s about a painting that the painter did not complete, and it’s divided into 3 social classes — the completed figures, the “halfies”, and the sketches. It’s a good film that teaches about prejudice, differences, and intolerance. One painting is a war painting, and the soldiers are all in either red or green uniforms… but then Magenta (one of the soldiers on the quest to find the painter) paints all the soldiers in the war painting a purple-ish color… the painter is kind of like God to the characters of the paintings. It’s a very educational film for children, I think.


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