Dinner at Tiffani’s

I recently saw a video clip that Jimmy Fallon did on his show reuniting some of the original cast of Saved By the Bell, which was one of my favorite TV sitcoms as a kid. It had Mark-Paul, Tiffani, Mario, and Elizabeth (Zack, Kelly, Slater, and Jessie)… everyone looked good for their age, especially Mario Lopez. Elizabeth Berkley had a weird look to her, like she had too much botox. The guy who played Mr. Belding was there too, and he looks horribly overweight.

Afterwards, I did some Google search on Tiffani, who was my favorite girl casted on the show (by the way, the phone upgraded itself, I’m currently running Android Lollipop 5.0 — so far so good!), and I read that Tiffani is pregnant again with her second child. She’s been married to her husband for ten years now, which by Hollywood standards is equivalent to twenty years, so I definitely think it’ll last. I hear it’ll be a boy.

I didn’t like her character of Valerie in Beverly Hills, 90210. That’s because she played the resident bitch on the show. Plus, I thought towards the end of that series, the show had definitely “jump the shark” by then. I was surprised to learn that there’s some sort of feud going on between her and Jennie Garth.

I couldn’t find what the feud was about, but I think Tiffani looked the best out of all the women on that show… she also still has the best hair! I think Jennie Garth didn’t age very well, but then again, she has a daughter who is already 18 years old. She’s also divorced after being married for twelve years… so I’m sure none of those things make a person age well.

I saw Garth’s reality show on CMT, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit of Country. I thought it was terrible. I guess nowadays, has-been in the industry can always try to find work by pushing the whole reality-TV bit. The show seemed really corny to me, and not surprisingly, it was dropped after only one season… and most of her other projects have been met with similar fanfare.

However, after viewing an episode on YouTube of Garth’s reality show, I found out that Thiessen also has her own show, Dinner at Tiffani’s (which I thought was a very cute play on the book/movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s). I LOVE the show. It’s a cooking show on the Cooking Channel, and each season looks like there’s 10 episode. The pilot episode was one hour long, and the series is basically Thiessen entertaining her celebrity friends at her house. It also shows her husband and daughter.

I love the show because it genuinely shows her as most of the world never really gets to see, I had no idea she had such culinary skills! Plus, I also like the show because they talk bits about their lives, and it’s interesting the little details you hear about this celebrity or that show, stuff like that. I also think she hosts her show excellently, I’d say she kind of reminds me of Rachel Ray even (but much prettier, of course).

Some of the guests to her dinner party has been a few of her White Collar castmates, Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez and his wife; and a few of her 90210 castmates like Jason Priestley and his wife, and Lindsay Price. I hope the show is picked up for a second season!

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