I wanted to write about a website (which also has a mobile app available too), Duolingo — this is the best language service out there! I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to learn another language.

I stumbled upon it in the Google Play Store, on my Android device. It’s was the “editor’s pick” from the result list, and I absolutely love it. Forget about buying those language softwares and audio CDs, this app is 100% free AND has no ads at all, which is very surprising since it’s a free service.

I have the app on my phone and have been doing my lessons faithfully for almost two months now. It even has a cute reminder notification icon on your phone’s status bar if you forget to do a lesson. I’m already at level 11. Sometimes I go on the actual website too, which has added features available to further your practice. I absolutely love this company, especially the app, and I cannot praise it enough.

I have studied French for 6 years, so most of the lessons were comprehensible to me… beginners might have a harder time though, but practice makes perfect! They have A LOT of language options, it’s actually really awesome.

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