Anne Frank: The Whole Story

Great news about the mister… but I can’t write about it on my blog, because the mister is a very private person, especially when it comes to work related stuff; which makes me feel very special that I am always the person that he confides in and tells everything to.

I am still reading The Diary of Anne Frank: The Revised Critical Edition.  I had read her diary when I was thirteen years old, and afterwards I had a very intense interest in WWII and the Holocaust, and now that I’m reading this “definitive” edition of her diary, it has renewed my interest on the topic again.  The diary part of the book is kind of hard to read, it is not in sequence (except for edition C) because this book is published for a scholarly perspective instead.  Anyway, the information about the family and the diary really makes the book very interesting.  I’ve already ordered two more books on Amazon about Anne Frank, one is a biography, and the other one is Miep Gies’ memoir about the Franks.  Yesterday I also rented on Amazon’s streaming videos Anne Frank Remembered for $3 (you can stream it for 24 hours).

I was hoping that I would be able to find a video on Otto Frank, he has become an interest of mine, more so than Anne.  I think Otto Frank is just the ideal father that every daughter wants, and really I wish I had a father like him.  Anyway, I wasn’t able to find a video online to stream, although there is a documentary on Otto Frank available on Amazon for $15… and that documentary is actually on YouTube (but not in English, of course!), so I was really bum about that; but on YouTube they had a movie starring Ben Kingsley as Otto Frank in Anne Frank: The Whole Story, which I saw briefly when I was younger on TV (it aired on the ABC network, I believe).  I downloaded the YouTube channel on my Roku player and I actually watched the movie on YouTube (it was over three hours!), and surprisingly the quality of the video was very good.

I didn’t think the movie itself was very good, and I don’t think that Ben Kingsley or Hannah Taylor-Gordon (Anne Frank) did a very good job; which was kind of a surprise because I think Kingsley is an excellent actor (I loved him in Schindler’s List).  However, I thought that Lili Taylor (Miep Gies) and Tatjana Blacher (Edith Frank) was very good in their roles, especially Blacher — I thought she was excellent (and I found out she is actually German!).  The music score was excellent also, I’ll have to do a Google search on the movie to see who the composer was (it sounds like Hans Zimmer, I love all of his works)… hmmm, okay, according to IMDb the composer was a guy from New Zealand named Graeme Revell (never heard of him!), but like I said, the music is excellent.  Oh, and also the cinematography was excellent as well.

I didn’t think Kingsley did a very good job because he seemed very reserved, especially with Anne — I think that’s what ruined it for me; from Anne’s diary she doted on Otto, and I was surprise that he wasn’t more affectionate with her as I thought that was what his character was lacking in the movie.  It seem really stiff to me (especially the part in the beginning of the movie when she goes to visit her father’s office and he pats her on the head — very stiff!).  I also felt the movie was way too dramatized for my liking… it made Mrs. van Pels really vain and obnoxious… although, she might have really been like that in real life, I don’t know.

Of course I cried so much during the movie though — the fact that it’s based on real people and events made me very emotional.  I always cry whenever I watch (most) Holocaust movies… although there’s also been some that I found just completely awful too!  My favorite movies about that era are Schindler’s List and The Pianist — I cried a lot in those movies too.  In Anne Frank: The Whole Story, the most upsetting part for me was when all of the little children arrived in Auschwitz and was walking down the train tracks to their death… it was the saddest thing because the children were so very young.  I always get very emotional and sentimental when I see children in wars… like that infamous picture of naked children crying in the streets of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, I get such bad anxiety whenever I accidentally see that picture while I Google Image something.

It’s so sad… I think universal peace is a utopian concept that can never be a reality.  That might be pessimistic, but when has the world ever seen peace!?  Not even in biblical times has there ever been any peace… I mean, if you’re into the Christian concept of the world and whatever, the “son of God” couldn’t even bring peace… but as the famous quote goes, evil prevails when good men do nothing.

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