Best Way Inn — Blackwell, OK

I drove down to Texas from Iowa for a week. First, I am never doing that drive ever again. I thought I would need my car while I was there, but I really didn’t. (I can’t drive my guy’s because it’s stick-shift, and I don’t know how to drive stick.) Going down and coming back up, my stopping point was northern Oklahoma.

I left on Friday evening, there was freezing rain in Iowa and Missouri when I left. (The boyfriend got me four Goodyear tires before I left, my Christmas present — thank God too because my old tires wouldn’t have been very safe going down there in that kind of weather.) Driving through Kansas wasn’t too bad, but in Oklahoma the fog was so thick I couldn’t see anything in front of me. I got off the exit for Perry, OK and stayed at a Super 8 that was right by the exit.

When I got up on Saturday morning and started my drive again it had started raining in Oklahoma, with steady raining in some areas of the state. It had lighten up in southern Oklahoma and even in northern Texas. It was just a very light drizzle rain when I crossed the state line and stopped at the information center in Gainesville, TX. However, around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, traffic was slowed down greatly and there were a couple of accidents on the I-35 southbound. From that area on, the raining had turned into a downpour, with certain areas of I-35 having very heavy raining. I finally got to Killeen around 3pm on Saturday.

Okay, I have to say that I was kind of bum about not really seeing much of Texas except for the I-35 highway. When I lived in North Carolina I had to drive through Virginia, Maryland, DC, etc. — yet, I don’t consider myself as actually being in any of those places. All I saw was the highways of the states I’ve passed! Killeen is a big commercial area that has been built up around the military presence at Fort Hood. There are a lot of restaurants, as well as a mall and other chain retailers. I really didn’t see much of anything because after driving for that long I didn’t want to be in a car. The area does have a lot of retailers that cater to the military, with discounts for service members from stores to restaurants.

On my drive back I stopped in northern Oklahoma again, but this time it was around 1:30am and I was so tired that I pulled into the first motel right off the exit. That was such a disgusting mistake. I didn’t really check out the area, instead I had paid for a room without looking at my surrounding. The motel (Best Way Inn, in Blackwell, OK) was HORRIBLE!!!

When I entered the room that he gave me, the bed was slept in and not done, which meant the sheets weren’t changed. The bathroom was the same, with soiled towels on the floor, and the trash bins still had garbage in them. I went back to the front desk and told the guy I wanted a refund. He said that they don’t issue refunds per their policy, but that he’ll give me a different room. If that’s how their business policy is, then it should be listed somewhere. It wasn’t listed anywhere. The new room he gave me was better than the last, but it was still disgusting.

I didn’t feel safe there. I was too tired to cry about it, but I had my guy on the phone until almost 3am because I was convinced that this motel was a place like Hostel, Vacancy, Psycho, or some other slasher movie. I’m also convinced there was blood stain on the wall by the door. Despite the towels being folded and the bed being “made”, I knew that they most likely weren’t washed at all. The white towels didn’t even look white and had specks of black stuff on them. Bug feces? Lice? Eggs/larvae? I was scared to fall asleep.

Using the bathroom, I squatted over the toilet to pee… like I do when I’m in a public bathroom. There was no way I was sitting on that thing, even if it looked relatively “clean”. I also slept with my socks on. I didn’t get to shower, not even wash my face or brush my teeth because the place was just so gross and disgusting I didn’t trust anything in there.  This is the ONLY business that I’ve ever filed an actual complaint against just because I was so disturbed by the way this motel operates.  I filed a complaint with the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Protective Health Services, Consumer Protection Division. DISGUSTING!!!

During the rest of my drive on Sunday, it was so windy I didn’t even know until I got out of my car. In Texas and even parts of Oklahoma, the weather was mild and nice, but in the northern part of the state and once you’ve enter into Kansas, it was really windy and chilly. Once I finally got back to Iowa it was freezing!

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