When I was a child I looked forward to the holidays for the sole purpose of not having to go to school for extended days… and for all the holiday cartoons and TV specials that the networks aired. As an adult, I hate the holiday season starting from November and ending somewhere towards the end of February or the beginning of March.

The holidays are really stressful as an adult. The cold weather makes it harder to get up in the morning, the hot water and continuous heating of the home is costly, waiting for your car to warm up requires extra time spent, which means you need to leave the house a little bit earlier if you don’t have a self-starter car… but none of these things are even the major stresses of the holidays for me.

For me it’s the expenses of the months in November and December. I don’t know why, but the holidays are just really expensive (even if you skimp out on the gift giving). Thank God you can start filing your income taxes as early as January because I’m sure people need to pay off their holiday debts (it’s something to look forward to if you have kids to claim)!

The expense comes from the holiday dinners (if I was still in NYC, I’d just get it cater from Boston Market instead!), the overwhelming and expensive traveling (hotel rooms, gas, car repairs/maintenance, insurance, presents, decoractions, plane tickets, etc.) — even if you don’t give anything but love, it still cost money!

Retailers try to suck you in with their big sales, like 65″ LED TVs, even though you have a perfectly fine TV at home and you don’t need another one, but at that price cut you want to buy it just for the great price! Not to mention the holiday aisle at any retailer has adorable displays or cute fat Santa and snowmen. Everything seems so “reasonably” priced. Oh, that beautiful holiday centerpiece is only $9.99! That adorable Santa ornament of him lifting a bar weight, only $2.99, that isn’t too much! Everything seems so fairly priced until you get to the checkout process, and when the register totals it out to over $100, you’re wondering what the hell did you buy!? There’s only like 8 items in your cart! But you don’t want to look like a jerk and return something because you spent more than you wanted to, so instead you go home not even enjoying what you bought, and counting all the dollars you could have saved if you didn’t buy this or that.

I could go on and on about the whole commercial aspect of the fall/winter holiday season, starting with Halloween and ending after Valentine’s Day… but instead I’ll just leave off with one more rant, the price of traveling. Freakin’ EXPENSIVE!!! They charge you those ridiculous prices because they know it’s important to you that you’re there, but who wants to drive for all those hours in bad weather and put that kind of mileage on their car anyway!? I hate the holidays.  That’s freakin’ capitalism for you… a holiday that’s suppose to be about religion has turned into spending money instead.

I have never been in the “holiday spirit”, I totally understand where Scrooge is coming from (minus the whole miser thing). All that fake cheer and happy holidays crap, when you’re stampeding on people to get the early bird specials at Walmart right after you’ve finished eating a meal about how thankful you are!

I really want to take a giant candy cane and beat the jolly crap out of a sugar plum fairy. Bah-humbug!

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