Arroz con Pollo Recipe

My niece is half Puerto Rican and my best friend is Dominican.  I grew up in a very Hispanic neighborhood that use to have a large Italian population, which by now is mostly eastern Europeans from the former Eastern Bloc (especially Serbs and Poles).  There use to be a small Spanish restaurant up the block from us that I loved going to all the time; they were Dominican and family run and owned.

Arroz con Pollo means chicken and rice, and there’s many ways of cooking it.  Different Hispanic cultures have different spices that they add, different methods of cooking, different ingredients that they like to use, etc.

For mine I used Spanish olives with stuffed pimento, lean boneless chicken breast strips, onion, garlic, cilantro, and red bell pepper.  I use white rice, I’m not sure what the difference in rice is (too Americanize to figure it out, I guess), so I usually just get the white rice in the Asian section at Walmart or Hy-Vee.  I have a rice cooker, but if you don’t, you can do it the old-fashioned way; which is just cooking the rice in a pot (I use to cook rice like that in North Carolina).

I leave the olives whole and cook the chicken in whole stripes first; and I chop up the garlic, cilantro, pepper and onion.  So first, I get the rice going in the rice cooker, then I get the chicken cooked at the same time.  It doesn’t take a long time to cook chicken, and you can tell it’s done once the meat turns white when you poke it with a fork.  In a large skillet, heat up cooking oil (I use extra virgin olive oil), and cook it on both sides evenly for a few minutes; take out chicken and tear (or chop) the chicken up into big chunky pieces (or however big you want them to be); add some more olive oil and sauté the other ingredients until they’re cooked (I usually judge this by the onions when they’ve soften), and then add the chopped chicken pieces back into the pan along with the cooked rice.  Give everything a good mix around in the pan for about three minutes and then you’re ready to eat! 10322771_10152080608798225_2918613737295522574_n

Sorry for my lack of detailed instructions and directions; I really believe that as long as someone knows the basics, they can substitute things like cooking time, measurements, preparations, etc. for whatever they’re comfortable with, or what their preferences are.

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