Getting “Catfished” …

Everyone knows what a catfish is — it’s a muddy fish found at the bottom of lakes and rivers.  I’m sure there are probably a lot of Chinese regions that have this fish in their cultural cuisine — however, this was not something I’ve ever eaten growing up.  I don’t know if the catfish was just something that wasn’t found floating about in the waters of my parents’ villages in China, or maybe in that region people just didn’t have the acquired taste for it.  No clue.  I, myself, view catfish as a “country” dish.  It looks like a fish patty to me every time I’ve seen it on someone’s plate.  When I think of fish, I think of something with scales — a catfish does not have scales.  For this reason, observant Jews do not eat this fish according to the dietary laws of the Torah.  (I’ve dated a Jewish guy, I know a little about these things!)

Okay, so everyone knows what a catfish is in its literal term, but what is being “catfished”?

There’s been a documentary, which then was turned into a MTV show, and now it’s part of the many stupid terminology listed in urban dictionaries.  Honestly, I thought that term came from the dating site Plenty of Fish (POF).  My whole thought on that was that the site is called Plenty of Fish.  I know there will be people who disagree, but I personally don’t find catfish appealing or desirable when compare to other fishes like tuna or salmon; which is why I think that saying you’ve been catfished is like saying you were expecting wild salmon from Alaska and instead got muddy catfish from some dirty lake.

I’ve been on plenty of dates from POF, and so far I’ve been fortunate enough not to have been catfished.  I don’t dwell too much on looks.  I’m aware of certain physical attributes that I can overlook, like weight.  I think my “success” in this is that women tend to make more fake profiles than men do.  Like a woman would just have a completely fake profile altogether, with pictures of someone they found on Google images; men lie too, but not to the extremities that women do.  Men will usually make themselves taller, give themselves a better job title and description, exaggerate their successes and financial stability (who doesn’t want to make themselves look better?!), but a woman will post a picture of some Victoria’s Secret underwear model and pass it off as herself.  I don’t really find a lot of men that try to pass off pictures of Calvin Klein underwear models as themselves though.

Here’s some (probably unwanted) advice for my fellow online daters out there in cyber world.  I never respond to anyone that seem to have professional pictures up, and by professional I mean if it looks like the person is posing for the catwalk.  Don’t get me wrong, I play around with the different filters on Instagram too, but be wary of someone that looks “picture perfect.” I love selfies!  No, really, I really do love selfies — I love taking selfies and I like selfie pictures… only, not in the bathroom.  I think bathroom selfies are kind of gross, I don’t like seeing anyone’s toilet in the background; but selfies are a good indication of a real photo.  Also, if the photos are a hot guy/gal, but just one photo is blurry or the person is really far away, or that one photo doesn’t really look like the others do… be skeptical.  Another photo suspicion of mine is where all the pictures are group photos.  I’m happy you’re so social and have friends, but it’s a dating site, are you really trying to play Where’s Waldo?

So one thing that I always do if someone messages me and I find him interesting is ask him to add me on Facebook — so that I can basically stalk him online.  Okay, online stalking is really for your own personal safety here, not in a creepy way!  Think about it, you can tell if a Facebook profile is real or not as oppose to other dating/social media sites.  The friends list, does the person have friends that are in common with one another, like coworkers, or friends from the same high school or college, or even the same regional area; or are all his/her friends just random people from like Ohio, Alaska, Italy, China, Spain, Germany, etc. — or do they only have like 5 people on their list?  Photo albums and wall posts are also important.  Timeline, does it only go back to the current year or does it go back a few years?  Mostly, anyone that tells me that they don’t have a Facebook makes me highly suspicious.  I mean, you set up a dating profile, but you don’t have a Facebook? Come on, really?!

Don’t fall for the worm bait!  Happy fishing fellow online daters! ♡

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