Hello Kitty, S. Korea, and I Love You …

My guy has finally settled into Texas. He found an apartment the first day that he got there (hooray!), but unfortunately the moving company that the Army contracted took forever to deliver his furniture, and I had already left for my annual summer visit to home. Within a few days of him getting his furniture though, he had to ship out to South Korea for about a month for their annual joint-training exercise. Terrible.

He did get some liberty time to go check out the area, and he met up with a few of his friends that he hung out with when he was doing his CCC in Missouri. I told him to send me a postcard from Korea, and he had taken a picture of a Hello Kitty cafe (yes, they actually have a store solely dedicated to Hello Kitty paraphernalia), so I told him to get me something from Korea (preferably Hello Kitty).

Postcard from his DMZ visit.

Postcard from his DMZ visit.

I didn’t actually think he would. I mean, I wasn’t really being serious or anything, but surprisingly he did… he even wrapped it up in Hello Kitty gift paper and put Hello Kitty stickers on the box, ha! (He’s such a great guy!)


The time zones are a few hours difference, so we’ve been talking on Skype and messaging on Facebook. I miss him so much … (Oh, and while he was in South Korea he told me he loves me!) ♡

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel ♡

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel ♡


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