The Looney Bin Comedy Club, at Live @ 215 Performance Theater — Wichita, KS

The boyfriend and I met up in Wichita, KS over the weekend.  I wanted to go to one of those interactive dinners but they were sold out of reservations.  So instead I Google comedy clubs because I’ve never been to one.

We went to see the Looney Bin Comedy Club, performing at Live @ 215 Performance Theater. The ticket (or door price) is inexpensive, and military and students get a $2 discount with ID.  The drinks were reasonable bar prices, the food (and menu) is the typical terrible bar food/menu.

Jeff Bodart was the opening act, and Tim Kidd was headlining that night’s show. The bathroom was surprisingly very clean, I didn’t think it would be because the whole layout looked kind of like a dive. I think they should break down the wall to the adjoining bar and make it bigger.

The comedians were great. I enjoyed the acts. There was an annoying woman who was drunk and desperately trying to get attention when Tim Kidd was performing. I think she was attempting at heckling, or just couldn’t control her alcohol… or really was just that annoying, not sure. I highly recommend. Oh, and I had my first Shirley Temple and Virgin Rita — both taste great! ♡♡♡


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