Fuji Japanese Steakhouse — Ames, IA

I am not a fan of the state of Iowa, especially being from NYC. One of the things I miss the most about NY is the diversity and ethnicity… I especially miss fresh seafood.

This is a Japanese restaurant in Ames, Iowa — and I must say, for Iowa it’s actually impressive. Don’t let the outside of the restaurant deter you from going. At first glance I thought it was going to be one of those Chinese takeout restaurants with a Tex-Mex menu on the back of a tri-fold menu. The outside does look dingy, it’s in a small shopping/business strip lot. There’s parking (always a plus), but the front design of the restaurant does not do it justice.

Inside the decor is very nice. It’s roomy and quiet. They had green tea (yay!), my waitress was Asian and had a heavy accent and wasn’t very fluent in English, but I didn’t mind — if anything she made it more authentic!

I am very picky about miso soup, and this one was really good, even comparable to some of my favorite restaurants in NY. It had seaweed and tofu in it. (It would have been excellent if they’ve also sprinkled some scallions on top.) The price was reasonable for sushi. It’s a casual atmosphere. Great for groups too. It’s probably not a place for children though… but what Japanese styled restaurant in America really is?



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