The Cave Resort & Restaurant — Richland, MO

I went here with the boyfriend and met his friends.  I understand the concept of this place, but it really is lacking.

We had to wait in this wooden shelter area for a van to come take us to the restaurant.  It was very smelly because there was a garbage can in the shelter by the bench.  There were also flies everywhere.  We could have actually walked to the restaurant, except we didn’t really know where it was.  It’s a very short ride, about five minutes.  The driver was telling us a bit about the “story” behind the Cave Resort.  The driver was very friendly.  Once there, we walked the staircase, which I didn’t mind at all, but this might be a problem for people who are scared of heights or very out of shape.  They do have an elevator though if someone needed one.

The decor of the restaurant is supposed to be a cave, which I guess it does look like.  I did notice a full bar once you walk into the restaurant.  There is just one tiny restroom, and it’s only for one occupancy.  (I couldn’t tell how clean it was or wasn’t because it was so dim in there — I guess for guys they wouldn’t care because they pee standing up.)  It was very cold inside — my guy’s friend (Joe) joked that they made it so cold so that you don’t notice how bad the food is because you’re just happy to have hot food.

Our waitress was horrible.  The place wasn’t packed or anything like that, and as far as I know we were her only table.  The food took a really long time to arrive.  I ordered fettuccine Alfredo from their vegetarian section in the menu.  It took FOREVER for our food to arrive.  My pasta was warm, not hot, just warm, and extremely dry.  I ate a fork-full and then I didn’t want anymore.  It didn’t taste fresh, and it actually tasted microwaved or reheated from someone else’s leftovers.  When our waitress finally came back to check on us again, everyone at the table bombarded her with drink refill orders.  There was also an awkward moment at the end when the waitress was fumbling around with the checks — like, she had given the rest of the guys their checks, but then she started clearing the table before giving the boyfriend our check, and by then his buddies had already went up to the register.  The waitress wasn’t rude or anything like that, just not professional for her line of work.  I felt she didn’t really noticed her customers.

I would not recommend The Cave, the food is terrible and the wait staff was not good.

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