Rathbun Lakeshore Grille at Honey Creek Resort — Moravia, IA

This is actually a very nice restaurant with a beautiful view of the lake.  It looks nice in the winter or the summer with the different scenic views.  It has a nice rustic feel to it, although the cloth booths are a bit ugly.

The appetizers are good, the menu selection isn’t great though, and the overall food quality was good, but not excellent.  The restaurant is usually quiet and empty.  I don’t mind that though, to be honest it doesn’t matter to me at all if a restaurant is empty.  However, I don’t find the staff to be very polite, friendly, or welcoming.  Most of them seem very inattentive to the diners, not all though, as I have had waitresses that were good.

The saving grace for this restaurant is their Sunday brunch buffet.  I will tell you, the only reason I go back to this place is because they are like the only restaurant that is relatively close to me that makes Caesar salad with grill shrimp, and because I just LOVE their Sunday brunch.  On Sundays, they are actually busy.  The price is reasonable to me, but I can see how residents of the area and surrounding area would feel that it was overpriced (I mean, I am from NYC so most things seem reasonably priced to me).  It’s $14 for adults and $7 for kids, I don’t think that’s expensive at all!  The selection isn’t mediocre either, it’s actually pretty awesome.  The staff also seem more professional during Sunday brunch, I don’t know if it’s because they actually have customers or if it’s because the chef is on deck, or both.

Chef Bob reminds me of Santa Claus, and he was very nice, even posting for pictures with my daughter.  I had went here on my daughter’s 4th birthday, and the waitress gave her a free desert with a lite candle in the middle to blow out — I thought that was really nice.  I usually like going here for my salad and when I feel like going somewhere “nice” locally.

The Sunday brunch menu consists of their breakfast items: scrambled eggs, sausage patties, breakfast potatoes, omelet station (made to order, which I find awesome — Chef Bob made my omelet the first time I had Sunday brunch there!), waffle station (also made to order), breakfast pastries; as well as chef carved meat, chef selected potato or rice, pasta dish, freshly baked dinner roll, and assorted desserts, fruits and salads.

My recommendation for this place would be to skip it 6 days out of the week and just go on Sundays for the brunch if you ever want to give it a try.


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