Waterfront Restaurant Review

The Waterfront Seafood Market is a family owned seafood restaurant and market in Ankeny, Iowa. Inside Waterfront, you’ll find an oyster bar, sushi bar, restaurant and seafood market.

It’s a great place to bring any girl that’s a seafood lover (like moi!), but if you don’t like seafood they also have the traditional steak and pasta menu too. There’s lots of parking. The restaurant has a very nice exterior, it was very busy when we were there (I was surprised that so many people wanted to eat out on such a cold Sunday!) — but that shows the quality of a restaurant, as you definitely don’t want to go to a place where you’re the only one in there!

I was looking at their fish market. They have it adjoining the restaurant/bar, and it’s pretty cool. I liked looking at all the stuff they had… I was tempted to buy some, except who wants to drive like 2 hours with seafood in their car!?

The menu had a nice dinner selection. It’s the typical pricing of any seafood restaurant. It’s a very romantic place for a date… maybe you can bring kids during the lunch menu, but for evenings it seems to be a place for couples. It’s definitely very romantic! ♡

They also have another location in West Des Moines, a Facebook page, a website, and a take-out menu. This would also be a great place for business dinners or group settings. The atmosphere is casual — but, business casual… I’d be embarrassed wearing a t-shirt or yoga pants there, but that’s just me though.

I highly recommend!

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