Akiyama Japanese Restaurant Review — College Point, NY

This restaurant is in that little “shopping” area on 14th Ave (across the street from other retail stores).  There is parking, which is always a plus.  The restaurant itself is kind of small, there isn’t a lot of room for patrons.  I don’t suggest this as a place to bring a family with very young children as the atmosphere wouldn’t be appropriate for that kind of setting (better to just get delivery or takeout in that situation).

What I love is the “sushi counter” towards the back of the narrow restaurant, where you do get to see the sushi chef making your sushi/sashimi — this is important when dealing with raw anything!  I think that is one of the reasons why I like Japanese food so much, it always appears so “clean” to me, especially when you get to see the chef making it in person

The food and menu is the typical Japanese styled restaurant menu, and their prices are comparable to other such restaurants in the area.  I’ve never had any problems with the food, or gotten sick from it (which I feel is important to note when dealing with places that serves raw foods). They have very relaxing music playing in the background which I think is nice (all instrumental, no vocals).  However, like I stated, the restaurant is very small and narrow — I usually option for takeout or delivery instead of actually dining there.


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