Sapporo Haru Review — Greenpoint, B’klyn, NY

This is a really nice place to order lunch when you’re at work, which is what I use to do all the time.  They have a great lunch menu that is very reasonable and very fulfilling too.  I love their miso soup, which is one of the things that I am very picky about when it comes to Japanese cuisine.  The soup has tofu and seaweed and is salty too, and if you ask them they will sprinkle scallions on top of it, which is how I prefer my miso soup.  The delivery is like any delivery, sometimes good sometimes a wait.  I’ve gotten it as fast as 15 minutes, and have had to wait as long as half an hour — it just depends on how busy they are.  I have never gotten sick on anything I’ve eaten there, and this is an important fact when dealing with raw fish.

The restaurant itself is located on a main street that goes for quite a distance, it’s full with other restaurants, businesses, and shops.  The inside of the restaurant isn’t very large, so I don’t think this is an ideal setting for a group, but it is nice for a private lunch or dinner.  The menu is the typical Japanese styled cuisine menu.


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