Keilly Chinese Restaurant Review — College Point, NY

This restaurant is in a shopping area located on 14th Ave.  It has a parking lot available, so that’s always a plus in my book.  The restaurant itself is a nice size for what I considered as a “takeout” restaurant (that it, restaurants that aren’t really authentic Chinese cuisine, but instead has a menu that is catered towards Americans).  The decor inside is typical of other Chinese takeout restaurants that I’ve seen, with mirrors aligning the restaurant walls.  It is one of the better looking takeout restaurant I’ve ever been to though.  It appears very clean, which I think is always important for any restaurant, no matter what kind of menu it has.

I have ordered takeout for delivery and pickup, as well as eaten in there.  They do have a bigger and better variety than their competitors, which is more than just the typical fried rice or General Tso’s chicken.  My favorite that I always get from there is eggplant with garlic sauce (I love it!).  It’s a bit more greasy than I would like, but I find this to be true of all takeout places — I of course am a picky eater when it comes to Chinese food because nothing compares to my mom’s cooking; and also because as I’m sure other cultures can relate, eating Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican food!  The price is also comparable to other Chinese takeout restaurants.


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