Erawan Thai Cuisine Review — Bayside, NY

This place is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in NYC.  The parking situation kind of sucks though because it’s on Bell Blvd., which is a very busy street in Bayside.

The restaurant itself is kind of nestle in amongst the other bars, lounges, restaurants, and businesses.  It can be a bit hard to miss unless you’re purposely looking for it.  The waiting area is non-existent, there’s a small closet-like area that is considered the “waiting area”, it basically consists of a chair.  The place is usually packed, but they do have off-hours where they’re slow and there’s no waiting.  If you do go during one of their busy hours expect to wait at least twenty minutes or more for a table.  They do have a full bar though, and that helps with the waiting situation.  It is a bit noisey in there when they’re busy though.  The place is very trendy and is comparable to other trendy restaurants in Brooklyn or the City.

I find the price to be reasonable, others might not — however, the location is in Bayside, and it is on Bell Blvd., so for that area it’s reasonably priced.  The menu is really good, and they also do takeout if you don’t want to wait around for a table — I should warn you though, even takeout will require at least a twenty-minute wait (or longer) if they’re busy.  This is a great place for groups.  I don’t recommend bringing kids though, the atmosphere just isn’t right for children I feel; but if you do bring kids, do it on their “off” hours when they’re slow and not crowded.


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