Dancing Queen

Congratulations to the newest married couple of our friends! — I had on my three-inch dancing shoes tonight, ha! — whoop, whoop!!!

I was the lady in red tonight, ha!


The Catholic Soul

Our children will be having their baptism and first communion in about three weeks. It’s such an important and happy event for our family. That’s one of the great things about being a Catholic, all of the celebratory events for doing the sacraments — that and absolution, ha!

My eldest son’s baptism suit is probably in a landfill in NC somewhere because of my crackhead ex, so it’s unfortunate that our new baby boy couldn’t wear it because it was super cute! However, I decided to put him in our daughter’s baptism gown (which her great-grandmother bought for her baptism); the baptism gown is more traditional anyway.

Father’s Day

Being in the military is definitely a dedication. My husband was in the field my last week of pregnancy. He got to come home “early” when I went into labor and he got 10 days of paternity leave — although there’s some up-in-the-air possible 21 days of paternity leave in the military that no one seems to be aware of or implemented yet.

He was home for about a week before he had to leave for another 2.5 weeks out in the field again. So he’s hardly gotten to spend any time with our new baby at all.

It’s especially hard, and sad, that he won’t get to spend our son’s first Father’s Day with him — thus is the life of an infantry officer, they’re basically guaranteed to deploy, so they are constantly training for deployment; which means they are never around. It definitely takes its toll on the family dynamic.

Happy Father’s Day to my hubby. He is the best provider for our family. I know that everything he does is for us. ♡

Lucky Love

My anniversary was a few days ago. ♡

Life is a paradise
Oh, yeah!
Lucky love belongs in teenage heaven I know, I know
‘Cause I’ve been there with you tonight
I’m a prisoner of hope, I know
I believe life could be paradise once again
Close your eyes, it’s something for you
Lucky love
We are young and we are old
And your heart’s so full of soul it makes me believe
Once again, it’s something for you
Lucky love … ♡

The First Week

The hardest part of taking care of a newborn is definitely the first month, and within that, the first week… and no matter how many times you’ve done it already, it never seems to get easier.

I am fortunate though, to have such an amazing husband who has really helped along the way; he’s an amazing father to our children.

I had a failed VBAC, so I ended up with an emergency C-section, even though I was already kind of prepared for one (just in case). I hadn’t eaten or drank anything since midnight.

I figured I could hold off calling my husband who was out in the field until at least 6AM. I couldn’t get rid of my daughter until 8AM, the earliest she could arrive at school, thank God the school is right by the hospital. My in-laws made the drive down from Cincinnati late morning the day I went into labor. I ended up calling my hubby about 4AM, and he came home from the field a little before 5:30.

The three of us went to the hospital. He dropped our daughter off at school later in the morning, and we stayed together until the afternoon when he had to go pick her up. By the time my doctor decided we needed to do a C-section, thank God my in-laws had arrived, and my husband was able to come back to the hospital.

My nurse during labor and delivery was amazing. All nurses should be as caring of their patients as she is. My anesthesiologist was also incredible and so personable. I’m so thankful for such a great medical team, even though the staff was whoever was on call that day. ♡

My husband stayed with me during my entire recovery, sleeping on those awful fold-out “dad beds” that also serves as chairs. We couldn’t wait to go home after being stuck in the hospital for 3 days. He was so wonderful in helping with changing and feeding the baby. ♡

For me, I think the hardest part of the first week (aside from the pain of the incision once your drugs wear off) is breastfeeding. I was determined to at least try because I was disappointed I wasn’t able to do it with my daughter since my first C-section was infected with MRSA. With my first son, I was equally disappointed that I couldn’t master it before I gave up a few weeks later.

Thank God for President Obama and the Affordable Care Act, because with my other two children I definitely could not buy a quality breast pump when considering more essential purchases that my babies needed — and before, it was not something that even the best insurance plan covered, but since 2013 even Medicaid will cover a breast pump because of the ACA. ♡

Although my milk did not come in while I was at the hospital (the baby was just getting colostrum), and even though I wasn’t sure if he was even latching on right, I exclusively breastfed him during my hospital stay. I was disappointed because I wanted a fat baby, and I could tell he was losing his birth weight.

When we got home, I would occassionally squeeze my breasts to see if anything came out, and if I did manually expressed my breasts, the colostrum did come out of my nipples. The first night that we were home, I asked my father-in-law to get baby formula and a gallon of distilled water (he’s actually a pediatrician, how great is that!?).

Around 2AM, after the baby seemed so miserable and hungry, I went downstairs and I made him a bottle. I was still determined to breastfeed though. The next day, I tried out my breast pump… I got out about 1 oz. with like 25 minutes of pumping. I was still determined that the baby would get some breastmilk even if I also had to supplement with formula.

However, surprisingly the next day when I pumped, I got up to 2 oz. I was so ecstatic! 2 oz. is a lot for a newborn, it’s the same amount as the ready-to-feed bottles that they give you at hospitals. Also by the second day of pumping, my breasts were engorged by the morning time, and when I pumped I could actually see the milk squirting out from my nipples.

My baby still supplements with formula, but I’m so happy that although I’ve more or less gave up on nursing, my baby is still able to get some breastmilk, which is the golden standard for baby feeding. Pediatricians recommend to exclusively breastfeed for the first year as the baby’s only milk source, but I’ll be happy if I can make the 3-month or 6-month mark.

For those who are interested, I got the Spectra pump. I LOVE it. A lot of women go with the Medela brand, and I can’t compare the two, but I’m very satisfied with the Spectra — considering it’s the only way I seem to be able to get my milk to come out!

The Short-End of the Stick

Hahaha, I read this UK article that was hilarious and it made me think of my ex-fiancé because he was the only short guy I’ve ever seriously dated.

According to the article, short men tend to add two inches to their height on dating profiles (this is true because he was definitely NOT 5’7″ unless you included the height from his shoes) — it reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George wears Timberlands all the time because Nina met him with Tims on and he wanted to keep up the appearance of being two inches taller than he was.

Height is an established measure of status in the Western world, there’s no denying it — a learning that’s drilled into men (and women) from childhood, that betrays our inner, competitive fascination with social status.

Social research have shown the disadvantages of being a short man (besides from people calling you a hobbit). A study released found that there was a relationship between lower socio-economic status and short stature men. As well as finding that short men are less likely to have been educated to the same degree level as tall men; it revealed a strong correlation among men between shorter height and lower household income. Of course this is just a generalization and does not speak for the individual man — I mean, look at Napoleon and Hitler, they were one of the most powerful short men in history!

Short men are less represented at the highest ranks of leadership than tall men. According to one US study in 2009, “It is hardly a coincidence that 58 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are six feet or taller.”

As the Canadian journalist Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book Blink, which looked at how we instantly judge people and things, “Most of us, in ways that we are not entirely aware of, automatically associate leadership ability with imposing physical stature.”

Online dating can be a disaster zone for short men. If dating profiles are anything to go by, almost all men below the height of 5’10” exaggerate their height by a couple of inches. A 2013 study found that on average, women prefer their partner to be about 8 inches taller than them, and another research by anthropologist Dr. Boguslaw Pawlowski has concluded that potential partners size each other up before considering each others’ face, personality, or body shape.

It gets even worse for shorty men; a study of married couples in Indonesia found that having a taller husband was positively related to a wife’s happiness — I believe it! You definitely feel more protected with a taller man; I mean it’s hard to feel “safe” in a dark alley with a guy who you hope has arms long enough to punch his attacker’s face. When you look at even famous short men, like Tom Cruise or Eminem, they haven’t been very lucky in love at all — so there’s definitely a correlation between happy wife, happy life for taller men.

There’s a lot we can do to rectify perceived shortcomings in the modern world – but what can you do about a lack of height? Short of getting your legs extended (it seriously does happen for people who can afford it), your only recourse is an elevating pair of platform shoes.

It’s certainly a nonsense to reduce any anger expressed by a short man as in some way related to his height, when tall men have been known to have their fair share of anger and violent tempers too. That being said, there is evidence to suggest that shorter people experience greater levels of paranoia, and that shorter American men can be more prone to violence; especially since in American culture, the average height for men is considered at least 5’8″.

According to weak (but notable) correlations found in scientific studies, shorter people (both men and women) are likely on average to be less intelligent than taller people. One explanation for this is that height can be an indicator of genetic health. There’s rigorous debate in the scientific community as to whether height correlates to life expectancy – and, indeed, some research has shown that far from living longer, tall people are more at risk of cancer (they have more cells that can go wrong) which can bring about an early death… so I guess that’s one huge disadvantage of being tall. However, there does seem to be an overall relationship between height and lifespan – and it’s not good news for the shorties. Three studies all found that taller people have a reduced risk of early death, despite being more at risk for cancer!

When I think of this article though, does it fall into the same category as social preferences? Like, when someone says: I’m just not attracted to black girls, or I only date Jewish men, or is it equivalent to not being attracted to fat people???

Happy Mother’s Day to Me ♡

After such a hard childhood, I’ve been fortunate with many outcomes in my adult life; and although I was unlucky in love in the past, God has blessed me a hundred times over for all of the heartaches and misery I’ve endured (and forgiven me for the ones I’ve caused to others) — I am so grateful for such a wonderful husband, and his equally wonderful parents. ♡

Happy Mother’s Day to me. ♡

They’re beautiful. I LOVE them!